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The beginning

I might be too excited about this but when I was thinking about what to do with my super neat and pretty recycled art journals I had a lighting bulb go off and I got "12 Pages In 2015!!!". Nothing big you might say, certainly not a 365 Project or even a 52 one but hey... there are other things to do too :)

Here's why I am so excited: I'd like us all to join in on this one. I'd like us to make ourselves a 12 pages booklet and each month, draw on one page of it so that at the end of the year, we'll have a pretty and very valuable piece of art just for us and to remember 2015 by. What say you?

I'll have a special FB group just for this, I'll keep it a secret one once we are all in and we will share our pieces there and enjoy each other's company - because when we share, things get so much better. We will have a different prompt each month to work with but if you won't like it you'll of course be free to draw whatever you'll want - it's your book after all. I will probably make it a bit difficult for myself and will challenge myself to draw 12 faces while still keeping them aligned with the theme.

I'll post a blog post with the theme each month and I'll link to tutorials or anything I'll find useful for us. I'll also post these things in the FB group so I'll have everybody covered - those of you who are not on FB and those of you who are.

So, if you like my little plan for 2015 and if you'd like to participate do let me know. I'd love you to join me and make it happen.

Here's how my newly made art book for this project looks like:

Some links and important things:

January 2nd, 2015 

I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and are now fully recovered from all the celebrating. I had a wonderful evening but am still not fully functional ;) But nothing will prevent me from posting our first two prompts for this year's new project, so here we go....

Because I received such a wonderful response to this and because there are currently 50 prompts/themes suggested in the FB group I decided to offer 2 themes each month + an extra challenge in form of using our drawing supplies. I am selecting the themes via random numbers generator so don't blame me for the weird choices if we get them :D

Without further ado, here are our January challenges: BEGINNINGS and FRIENDS with the extra challenge - use some Washi tape on the page because I'm sure you have a lot of it stashed around ;)

You can create using only one theme, both themes, all three of them (with the tape) or none of them. It's definitely up to you. The only thing that really counts is one finished page by the end of January. Easy peasy, right?

Now let's go and have some fun! :)  Do post your pages in the group, on IG, on your blogs, twitter... where ever really and tag them with #12pagesin2015 so that we can all see different takes on the themes. It's fun to share, trust me on this.

Hope to see some art soon!

February 1st, 2015 

I can't believe it's February already! And I didn't even finish my January page... heh. But I did start working on it and that's what counts! So, if you are new here, join in as it's really not too late to start ;)

It's never too late to start with something that makes you feel good!

Okie, that said, let's see what our February prompts are:

It's BOATS and BROKEN with the additional challenge of sneaking some watercolors on your page. Or making it all with watercolors, whatever sings to you. It's your page so have fun with it.
And remember - make it mean something to you.

I'm still accepting members to the Facebook group so come in and join us, there are so many nice people in the group and the art and interests that get shared are very special - link to the group.

See ya! :)

March 1st, 2015

Yes, it's March which means time for our new theme to draw/paint/sew... :)  I hope you are having good times with your pages even if the prompts seem difficult at first. There's always a solution out there we just need to let go of our expectations so that it can come to us.

Interesting choice, don't you think? :)

I can't wait to see what you come up with and I'd love to see it. So please, if you are not in our FB group but are posting your pages on other social media platforms, please tag them with #12pagesin2015 so that we can all see them. Thank you so much.

Happy creating!

If you are wondering how my pages look like.... well... I will post them here when I actually do them :)  There's still time till this year is over ;)

April 1st, 2015

I love the themes for this month, what about you? They just might make actually finish one page! :D

As usual, I'd love to see your works so hastagging with #12pagesin2015 is a must ;)  Do share please. I will, as soon as I have something to share!

If you are on FB find us in FB group.

Happy creating and happy Spring to half of you and a very happy Autumn to the other half of you ;)

May 1st, 2015

Hello there, how are you? I hope you're all well and eagerly waiting for May prompts and I shall not make it difficult and withhold them any longer ;)

It's Early Morning and Comfort with the additional challenge of using collage. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with so please don't forget to tag your posts with #12pagesin2015 so that I'll see them :)
If you're new to this, welcome! Don't fret about the fact it's already May, you can still catch up. And you can find a bunch of us in FB group HERE (just ask to join).
Happy creating and Happy 1st of May! 

June 1st, 2015

June is here - my favourite month - and it's time for our new themes and a new challenge.

Let's draw our inspiration on our June page and see if blue color fits in there as well. Extra challenge this time is about using stencils. If you don't have any I made a tutorial on how to make one yourself. I even prepared some stencil images for you to print and use in the process.

If you are new to this project and want to tag along, click above on the "12 pages in 2015" tab to read all the posts about it. I even opened a FB group to support this project because it's always fun to share our art and get some feedback. It's also fun to meet new like-minded people so I encourage you to join us. Ask to be added here.

This is it for this month :)  Don't forget to tag your art if you publish it on social media with #12pagesin2015 so that we can all see it. Now go and have some fun with your page and I hope you'll make a stencil too!

July 1st, 2015

Hello there and welcome back for the new installment in our 12 pages in 2015 monthly themes.

This time, we have ... drum roll .... HOME and WAVES to draw in our lovely art books. And if you want, you can add some colored pencils to your chosen art supplies if you want some extra challenges in your life :)

Have fun! And don't forget to hashtag your works across social media - #12pagesin2015
If you are new to this project and want to tag along, click above on the "12 pages in 2015" tab to read all the posts about it. I even opened a FB group to support this project because it's always fun to share our art and get some feedback. It's also fun to meet new like-minded people so I encourage you to join us. Ask to be added here.


September 1st, 2015

Hello there and welcome back.

I hope you had a wonderful summer vacation and that you got some time off too ;)  I know how busy and stressful vacations can be.

But, it's time to get creative again and time to share new prompts and a challenge with you. Drum roll please:

I love the prompts and the challenge. Who doesn't like to stamp? If you don't have any stamps, don't fret (although I highly doubt this is the case ;) )... you can use ANYTHING to stamp with or you can make stamps by yourself. Either cut some from an eraser, use potato, use veggies (chicory makes really beautiful flowers if you stamp with it - "stem" bottom part of the head cut off), legos, doilies, pens, caps from pens.... well, really anything.

And don't forget to hashtag your published creations so that we can all see them!

Happy creating!

October 1st, 2015

Wow, September was in very high speed for me. Wow indeed, I hope it went slowly for you :)

So, here's how the prompts surfaced for us this time:

I chose INK as the extra challenge because I know many of you will be doing the Inktober challenge as well and why not use those ink know hows for our October page as well.

Wishing you loads of fun with the themes.

November 1st, 2015

Welcome to the November prompts! They are quite a pair, don't you think? :)

Hope you're still having fun with this project. I'd love to hear how it's been for you now that we are closing in on this year - did it fly by you so fast too?

December 1st, 2015

Wow... I almost can't believe it's already December! Seems like it came so fast yet I know a lot has happened in between. I hope it did for you as well and that the memories are good.

These are our final prompts and the challenge I chose is... well... suitable for December and it's happy moments :) 

I am still  very much behind with my pages BUT I did manage to complete two last month. I still have every intention of completing my little book and I encourage you to do the same. Once I started ideas flew in and it was only the other projects that needed my attention more that kept me from making more. Well, I know December is the busiest month of them all - especially with the presents making and attending all the parties ;) but I'll still try and squeeze in some time for my little book - because it deserves it! And I really want to fill it up because I know it'll feel so good when I do.
I promise to post pictures when I'm done and I'd still love to see your pages too. Don't forget to hash tag with #12pagesin2015 across the web so that I can see your works... and others too of course.
Now please tell me how do you feel about this project?  Did you enjoy making your book and filling it up? Is it something you'd like to give a go again next year? Would you change anything?
I'd love to host this again in 2016 but I really need your feedback. Let me know what worked for you, what didn't but most of all, is there anything you'd like to see ME do differently. Or just let me know about any ideas that crossed your mind when you saw me post the prompts :)
See you later! Thank you so much for being here.
With love,

final words and finally - my pages :)

Hello my friends and first and most of all - happy and bright 2016!
I hope you had nice holidays and are now ready to dive in this shiny New Year with all sorts of plans. I know I am :)

But I still owe you my pages and I made a little collage with all of them:

I didn't exactly make the pages in good time as I mostly did them in November and December - I finished the last one on 31st of December! :)   But I am so glad I did it! It's so nice to flip through the book; one wishes to have more to look at but only 12 pages. 
And because the big U is always here for us and because I was really fond of this project, another one came by! Jennifer Orkin Lewis a.k.a. August Wren is doing the same thing this year and I am already making my book for it. The hashtag for the project is #12monthsofpaint and I'll keep my 12 pages group open for it (with her blessings). 
So, drop by again, invite your friends and let's all dive into another painting/drawing/collaging/CREATIVE year together!
Here's the FB group if you are not in it already ;)  12 pages group 
All the best with whatever you'll be doing.



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