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 This is so me to drop in just every now and then but I'll flow with it :) At least I'm not spamming you too much, those of you who subscribed to my blog - no idea if you even get mail about a new post. Do you? Oh please let me know if you do.

Anyways... let me tell you about what happened since my last blog post. Because I didn't exactly go and start doing those 100 Days of Creating I wrote about. And I also stopped filming my morning pages and posting them on my YT channel. Lol. I was always searching for that one thing that will make my heart sing and have me at peace that what I do, is ok, is of service to others and is making a difference. A positive one of course. And today, I received an idea that made my heart sing and ticks off every box I mentioned. And waaaaa, I am so excited about this!

I haven't talked about this here before, maybe just mentioned it once, that I have been meditating since 2011 (seems longer though) and been doing all sorts of exercises to awaken myself to the greater reality. 2020 was just the highlight of them all. So. Much. Happened. For a lot of us. It truly was a year of awakening for many many people and the energy shifts are still happening. We are stepping into a new era and I like where this has potential of leading to. And I would definitely like to do my part, especially now, that I received so many confirmations that I can actually really do it! It was hard to believe in myself when I had no feedback from people who sense energies and work with Spirit but I do now and it makes all the difference! Go away you Ego mind, I don't want to hear a word from you anymore! :)

Now let me explain a bit more. At the end of posting my morning pages for a month, when I got the chance to relax a bit from that morning routine of editing and uploading my video, another idea popped into my mind. To paint/draw healing messages for those who would like to receive them. And I did! For 10 days in a row and I posted them all on my FB profile. Here's three of them:

I also made these cards available to purchase in my shop - each one is made by order, each one different and each one has its own energy.

It's been almost a month since I've done it and I asked the Spirit how can I serve even more and I received this New Idea today!

I am going back to filming my process again but only once a week. I will make one piece each Sunday to support all of us for the week to come. And those of you who will subscribe for it, will receive a lovely .jpg format of this drawing/painting, to have as wallpaper on your phone to be supported by its energy. The original will be listed in my Made by Nini shop. I plan on doing them 13 x 18 cm so that they will be easy to send around.

What say you? I hope you are as excited as I am about this! I shall start this Sunday (21st of March) and I hope to have you on board to benefit from the supporting energies that will undoubtedly arrive ♡ No strings attached! It's from my soul and the Spirit/Source to your soul. 

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This is it for now :) 

Hope to see you soon! Wishing you all the best till then.



  1. I am soooo excited about this ���� this creates the perfect balance between not overwhelming yourself and having it be like a chore, your guided messages would really be like a beacon to get us through the week ���� and those lucky ones who'll have that beautiful art and buzzing energy to grace their homes is just the cherry on top, Amazing ��
    Can't wait ����
    You go girl �� Thank you for constantly thinking of how to uplift everyone ����

    1. Oh you angel you 💖 Thank you for your support and kind messages, always. 🤗

  2. I am very excited :) I hope this projects brings you even more creative energy :)

    1. awwww, thank you for being excited! and wouldn't that be nice indeed! :D thanks!


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