Sunday, 20 October 2019

I'm back! I hope :)

I went back and read a few blog posts here and was so surprised by the things I wrote and the energy that oozed out of my posts. I realized I missed it. I did blog on my Nina Spolar blog page (still do, occasionally) but that is something completely different. It really feels (at least to me) as if two different people are writing.

Anyways! Please let me know if you are still out there my old friends and let us reconnect and do some cool creative projects together again :)

If you aren't that's OK too :)  I shall use this space to keep track of my creative projects I offer in my Etsy shop. Hopefully of course. Who knows what jumps in between and derails me again.

On the photo is my little pocket note book made out of recycled paper and a print of one of my old artworks - a card that originally flew to a charity event. I need a much better corner trimmer though.