12 pages in 2015 - final words and finally - my pages :)

Hello my friends and first and most of all - happy and bright 2016!
I hope you had nice holidays and are now ready to dive in this shiny New Year with all sorts of plans. I know I am :)

But I still owe you my pages and I made a little collage with all of them:

I didn't exactly make the pages in good time as I mostly did them in November and December - I finished the last one on 31st of December! :)   But I am so glad I did it! It's so nice to flip through the book; one wishes to have more to look at but only 12 pages. 

And because the big U is always here for us and because I was really fond of this project, another one came by! Jennifer Orkin Lewis a.k.a. August Wren is doing the same thing this year and I am already making my book for it. The hashtag for the project is #12monthsofpaint and I'll keep my 12 pages group open for it (with her blessings). 

So, drop by again, invite your friends and let's all dive into another painting/drawing/collaging/CREATIVE year together!

Here's the FB group if you are not in it already ;)  12 pages group 

All the best with whatever you'll be doing.


  1. Hi nini!
    What a lovely collection of pages! Cute tiny boats and tiny house, kitties, mugs and clouds and sunsets, oh my! Congratulations on a lovely finish to 2015! It doesn't matter when you did them, you did them! It's terrific! Happy 2016!

    Have I ever mentioned Paint Party Friday? One of those kinda places you can add your blog post and also see other folks stuff. It's a wide variety of artists, and I think you would enjoy many of them! So, you might consider posting there when you post to your blog. (Or maybe you already know about this. In that case, ignore me! Otherwise, it's here: http://paintpartyfriday.blogspot.com/) :-)

  2. O hello Cindy! Always so nice to read from you ♥
    Thank you for your beautiful words, as always.
    As for the PPF - no, I wasn't aware of it. Thank you for pointing it out, are you sharing there too?

    Wishing you a fabulous 2016 full of Light and Creativity!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Those are all soooo beautiful nini! I love every single one. Be proud of yourself! ♥


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