Wednesday, 16 March 2016

May Eco Creative Postcards fly!

It's been a week since my last post and I would like to thank all of you who came forward with ideas for my new project's name. It's tough to name things! At least for me.

I wanted this project to be a bit mindful towards the mass over production of printed matters and one of the ways we could use them for. And since I do like to make things this idea really is the most me it could be.

Without further ado, the name I set on is Eco Creative Postcards. Why postcards instead of just cards? Because I'd love the cards to be sent out to spread the love of creating and spark creativity in others.

I have already opened the FB group for this project and you can ask to join in here: EcoCreativePostcards

My wish for this group is to become a place to share our made cards, tips and tricks we'll pick up on our outings and creating, and a place to set up card swaps. So, if this is something that speaks to you, please join in and let us start creating together.

For those of you who don't have FB accounts, let's connect via #EcoCreativePostcards over other social media. If there will be plenty more of us I'll think about setting up a web site just for this project. But for now, one FB group should do ;)

Hope to see you join me!


here is the link to my original post about this idea: about the project

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

New year, new project and I need your help with it's name

Hello there, long time no post, right? Well, let me make things right.

I have a new Project in mind!!!!

It has everything to do with promotional printed materials. Stuff that you can find just about everywhere. In stores, restaurants, pubs, bars, shopping malls, waiting rooms, our mail boxes - the real ones that is,... the list goes on I'm sure. All sorts of cards, leaflets, tiny cards, thin catalogs, maps... things that were printed out to tell us about events, services, projects or just for purely promotional reasons. Well, these things can be used for something else too! They can be re-purposed as collage elements in our sketchbooks or art projects. And here's what I'm aiming at - art projects. Even more in particular - art postcards.

look at all the papers we found!

How about we start making postcards when we get together with our friends? When we are out in that coffee shop and want to have a bit of creative fun.Or when we are alone, sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called in. Wouldn't it be much better to create a card while waiting instead of being immersed in that tiny display on our smart phone? And wait, there's another great thing we can do with the cards. We can send them to one of our friends across the globe or... gasp... swap it with another art card that has been made in the same way. Can you sense where I'm going? :)

totally immersed in creating
Me and my friend Lidija had a test drive of this idea yesterday. And my oh my was it fun. Not a laughing kind of fun but a "deep connection with creating forces" kind of fun. And we got all the paper we needed right there! Perfection. Really. All we needed was some pens and a glue stick but we have these with us all the time anyway ;) At least lots of pens.

Lidija's finished card

my finished card
I hope I have inspired you to give this a go and to join me in creating and sending more art into the world. I'll be having another test drive with another friend at a very different location and I'll write about it soon.

And now for the part where I really need some help. I need a nice hash tag for this project so that we can use it across social media to connect. And to name the group I'm about to open on FB to welcome you in and host swaps. I need a nice name that will reflect what we are doing so please please, share your ideas no matter how weird you think they are. Thank you in advance. Let's do this!

edit on 16th of March, 2016

the cards are not all about the collage if you fear this is the case... they can be altered with drawing on them only, or cutting out of them ... it's all about your ideas and stuff you have at hands

Monday, 4 January 2016

12 pages in 2015 - final words and finally - my pages :)

Hello my friends and first and most of all - happy and bright 2016!
I hope you had nice holidays and are now ready to dive in this shiny New Year with all sorts of plans. I know I am :)

But I still owe you my pages and I made a little collage with all of them:

I didn't exactly make the pages in good time as I mostly did them in November and December - I finished the last one on 31st of December! :)   But I am so glad I did it! It's so nice to flip through the book; one wishes to have more to look at but only 12 pages. 

And because the big U is always here for us and because I was really fond of this project, another one came by! Jennifer Orkin Lewis a.k.a. August Wren is doing the same thing this year and I am already making my book for it. The hashtag for the project is #12monthsofpaint and I'll keep my 12 pages group open for it (with her blessings). 

So, drop by again, invite your friends and let's all dive into another painting/drawing/collaging/CREATIVE year together!

Here's the FB group if you are not in it already ;)  12 pages group 

All the best with whatever you'll be doing.