12 pages in 2015 - DECEMBER prompts

Wow... I almost can't believe it's already December! Seems like it came so fast yet I know a lot has happened in between. I hope it did for you as well and that the memories are good.

These are our final prompts and the challenge I chose is... well... suitable for December and it's happy moments :) 

I am still  very much behind with my pages BUT I did manage to complete two last month. I still have every intention of completing my little book and I encourage you to do the same. Once I started ideas flew in and it was only the other projects that needed my attention more that kept me from making more. Well, I know December is the busiest month of them all - especially with the presents making and attending all the parties ;) but I'll still try and squeeze in some time for my little book - because it deserves it! And I really want to fill it up because I know it'll feel so good when I do.

I promise to post pictures when I'm done and I'd still love to see your pages too. Don't forget to hash tag with #12pagesin2015 across the web so that I can see your works... and others too of course.

Now please tell me how do you feel about this project?  Did you enjoy making your book and filling it up? Is it something you'd like to give a go again next year? Would you change anything?

I'd love to host this again in 2016 but I really need your feedback. Let me know what worked for you, what didn't but most of all, is there anything you'd like to see ME do differently. Or just let me know about any ideas that crossed your mind when you saw me post the prompts :)

See you later! Thank you so much for being here.

With love,


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