12 pages in 2015 - SEPTEMBER prompts

Hello there and welcome back.

I hope you had a wonderful summer vacation and that you got some time off too ;)  I know how busy and stressful vacations can be.

But, it's time to get creative again and time to share new prompts and a challenge with you. Drum roll please:

I love the prompts and the challenge. Who doesn't like to stamp? If you don't have any stamps, don't fret (although I highly doubt this is the case ;) )... you can use ANYTHING to stamp with or you can make stamps by yourself. Either cut some from an eraser, use potato, use veggies (chicory makes really beautiful flowers if you stamp with it - "stem" bottom part of the head cut off), legos, doilies, pens, caps from pens.... well, really anything.

And don't forget to hashtag your published creations so that we can all see them!

Happy creating!

I'm still accepting members to the Facebook group so come in and join us, there are so many nice people in the group and the art and interests that get shared are very special - link to the group.


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