Saturday, 15 August 2015

Awesome friends!

This one is going to be a bit long-ish so make yourself some tea and come back to read slowly ;)

Right. Here I go. Have you ever heard of Jeanne Oliver and her huge Creative Network? No? Well, I didn't either until I stumbled on it one day I looked for something watercolor related. And despite me disliking sites that want you to sign up to see their content I did it. And when I got in... wow... I was impressed. She set up this huge network of artists and they offer online courses there. There's free videos to be found on the site as well and I really recommend getting yourself be a part of it. Here's the link so you won't have to look too hard ;)

Jeanne Oliver Creative Network

They just released this beautiful catalog of all the courses they offer which you can see HERE.

Awesome friends? Where the... ??? Yes yes, I'm getting there :)

Take a look at the before mentioned catalog and flip through to the page 13 where there's info about a class named Nature's Canvas led by Tania Bain. Well, this is the class I fell in love with the moment I read about it because if you know me than you know how much I love hiking through the woods and noticing all sorts of pretties in there. I immediately wanted to learn how to paint these beautiful little whimsical faces on found sticks and branches so I signed up. I even had to wait for it to start as it was a brand new class :)

Well, I was not disappointed with the class's content. There are tons of videos in just one class (I honestly expected just one) and Tania is just so lovely to watch and hear - I totally loved her accent. She makes these pretty faces on stick and then she leaves them in the woods in her area to be found by lucky passers by. Lucky indeed! I realized she was from South Africa and jeez... I can't really fly there to go for a walk in her parts of the woods, can I? BUT! Here comes the story of my awesome friends... finally, I know.

Liezl and Hugo live in South Africa too and they are my online friends. So when I noticed Tania posted one of her spots with a gorgeous painted branch to be found I immediately asked Liezl about it. She told me that the place is really far from them and that they can't just hop by to pick it up so I thanked her for the info and forgot about it. Still I was a bit jealous about the fact that somebody can get there and find the treasure :)

A few months later, Liezl and Hugo came to Slovenia! :) Yes, I mentioned this in my previous post. I finally got to meet them for real - which is really always a super awesome thing and sooo SOOO unreal at the time being. Think about it. Usually you are chatting online with your friends from the other side of the world and you get used to it. So when you have them right in front of you - WHOA! Really. You have to try it. Meet up if you can, seriously.

Sorry for my digression but one needs to be thorough.

The first day my friends came in, they brought along presents.... for me! ♥ :) Oh I love presents.
First there was a package wrapped in a pretty rainbow colored paper that contained one very pretty images full SA creative magazine - which I love. Yummy yummy local sweets, local postcards and a pretty inspirational notebook for me to use. All fabulous and nini was so happy and surprised. Really, she was. I was too ;)

But then Liezl told me that's not all. No? And she comes in the room with a huge bag of something. ???? Okie, I begin to unwrap and it's branches and sticks from SA!!!! Jeez. To paint little faces on. Whoa. Incredible. But that still wasn't it. Nope. She comes with yet another package (seriously ppl, I was completely blown away and I think my emotions went numb because of it).

And as I unwrapped the final package - there were three already painted little sticks, with these beautiful and very familiar faces - and they were from Tania herself. The teacher of my online class. Can you believe it? Well, I wouldn't have if I wasn't the one who set all these events into motion in the first place. Boy oh boy. I still get goose bumps when I think about this. ♥

Turns out that Liezl contacted Tania, set up a meeting and then they immediately clicked. Tania was so generous and gave away three girls just for me and then she even took them on the trail she usually takes where they picked up those branches up for me. And to top all of this up, you know, with a cherry.... one of the girls was actually painted in the online class. WOW! Yes... I'm speechless. Again.

I think this was the best surprise ever and I am so grateful for all the friends I have in my life, here and there in the big huge world that just got really small and cosy with the ability to connect via web.

And I really wanted to share this awesome story because it deserves to be shared.

Thank you Liezl and Hugo, again. Thank you Tania, again. You are all amazing and I love you! ♥

And here are the precious little forest fairies that now live in my world and take care of it:

Which one is from the e-curse? Go and find out on your own :) It'll be worth it. I promise.

Do you have an awesome surprise story to share too? I'd love to read about it so please, share share share away!

With love, always.

Friday, 7 August 2015

About July

Yes, I need to mention this July because it was AWESOME. Indeed. Pure awesomeness and deserves to be written about.

I had visitors. And it wasn't just any ordinary ones either. They were my online friends whom I got to know pretty very much via Facebook - oh yes, FB can be really good for some things - and they decided to visit Ljubljana and well, I live just around the corner too, so they came to see me as well :)

So, from 10th to 18th I was busy with showing them around Ljubljana, Slovenia and even Italy a bit. We had massive amounts of cakes - still need to get rid of those extra pounds now ;) - lots of fun, creative sessions with sketching, making collages and needle felting. Needle felting? Yes, I had my first ever workshop and I taught my friends how to needle felt and I am happy to say they all liked it and are now happily on their way to making some awesome things all by themselves. Which makes me feel oh so proud :)

It was such a great time! I wish Elke could make it too since she was the reason for all this to be happening in the first place but the big U. had other plans for her and I do know I'll get to meet her soon enough.

Liezl, Hugo, Andrea, Thornsten, Margarete and Yvonne - I had a blast and I can't wait to see all of you again and do some art with you. It was really amazing. Thank you for coming

And here's some eye candy for you all, none of us on the photos but just imagine lot of happy faces in these places and you won't be wrong at all :)

I have other news too but I'll leave them for the next post ;)

See you soon. Happy AUGUST to all of you!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

12 pages in 2015 - AUGUST prompts

I hope summer/winter time is treating you nicely and that you are managing to get some creative time just for yourself as well. This month themes are quite hilarious I think :)  The first one is all about flavor, but not any kind, it's about what would you get if you got your Jelly Beans from Harry Potter :)  The next one is about jeans... funny eh? And to top it all, I'm challenging you to use charcoal somewhere on your page.

I hope you'll have fun with this one.

If you are new to this project and want to tag along, click above on the "12 pages in 2015" tab to read all the posts about it. I even opened a FB group to support this project because it's always fun to share our art and get some feedback. It's also fun to meet new like-minded people so I encourage you to join us. Ask to be added here.