Saturday, 11 October 2014

Small Sketchbook Challenge - update III and a winner of the giveaway

Here is my last update on this subject as I'm already finished with the little book and thinking about what to do next.

"Sleep" for Sandra

"Circles" for Alexandra

"Merry" for Pavinee
"End Of Summer" for Verla

"Fika" for Kathleen

"Fox" for Katrin

Curious about the winner?

Number one was chosen by and it belongs to Yvonne! :) Yay Yvonne, I'm really happy about this. You'll get your spread mailed to you asap!

Another big thanks to all who participated, it was fun to draw for you so I just might do it again in the future.

And here are the links to the previous posts with pictures from the little sketchbook/book/notebook ;)

Update I
Update II

Monday, 6 October 2014

Small Sketchbook Challenge - update II

My little book is all filled up now and I'm really glad that it is. Why? Because I have my life back! :D

I know it must sound awful but it's true. As much as I'm glad I did it, as much as I do like going through it there is still this immense relief about the fact I don't have to do it anymore, that I don't have to come up with something each day but most of all, that there will be no more thoughts about how I could have done it/drew it better.

I am so SO grateful for all the cheering up my on-line friends did because they helped beyond words. It's always so great to receive comments and words of encouragement, especially on the "dark" days.

I have learned and attested a lot from this challenge:
  • I do need time to produce something I am proud about
  • I don't like pressuring myself with my own projects because let's face it, I really don't HAVE to do anything I don't feel like doing when I know that I am ABLE to do it
  • one should work on GOOD quality papers most of the time
  • REAL sketchbooks are for artist's own eyes only
  • I really like drawing for others and I really don't care about drawing for myself :)

There are probably more things I learned but let me show the next 11 images from the little sketchbook just in case you missed any ;)

In my next post, I shall reveal the person who will get "her" piece printed out and sent over.

Suzi's "Line" even if she didn't ask for it specifically :)
"Egg" for Andrea
"Love" for Sandra

Which is your favourite so far?

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