Friday, 22 August 2014

Summer School III

My second assignment is behind me and I am again quite happy with it. Our brief demanded animal prints this time. Not necessarily as a repeat pattern but presented on a tote bag.

I started drawing quite late as I was immersed in totally different things last week so once the idea came to me I happily went with it. It's not exactly an animal print (as I think they wanted it) but it's not apples and pears either ;)

Here's what I submitted:

I find it quite happy and cute so I named it Happy Animal Print and I am offering it in my new society6 store. I think this pillow is totally adorable :) What do you think?

I'm really curious about our next brief now. One learns a lot in this kind of on-line challenges.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer School II

Brief No.1 was all about retro geometrical patterns which were supposed to be presented on swim wear mock-ups. We got some images to get us inspired and were prompted to search on our own too. I just couldn’t stay away from those pattern-y waves so they became my starting point:

I quickly went on to my computer because it’s so nice to see a pattern being “spread” around the monitor. I got hooked instantly and made several patterns which only led me to the painful "selecting of only one" to submit. Yes, it wasn’t easy but with a little bit of help from my on-line friends I narrowed it down. Here's what I submitted - Retro Blues

Another thing I was really pleased with were my presentation pictures. I didn’t use the mock-up bathing suits they provided for us but went with my own drawings based on girls from vintage sewing patterns. They were really fun to draw I must admit.

Here’s the second pattern I really like because it’s bright and happy. I named it Happy Camping due to little pink tents inside the sunny waves :)

I'd love to order one of these next, it looks so cute to me, what do you think?

Yes, I opened up a Society6 store so please check it out - it's here. I love how one can get so many pretty things.

I already have my next assignment to focus on and it's a bit harder than this one. At least to me. But I'm taking it as a challenge and I hope I'll be as happy about the outcome as I was here.

Thank you for the visit. I wish you some lovely summery days, with or without the rain ;)


I ordered a free fabric sample from Spoonflower the other day. So here's how Happy Camping looks like on Eco Canvas. Gorgeous, don't you think? ;)