Friday, 31 January 2014

Wednesday's Winter Time II

One week and the difference from the last post is remarkable. We did the same destination only approach was from a different side. However, the upper part of the trail is the same so you can compare the first photo here from the fourth one in the last post. Cool isn't it?

I still haven't shown you my December's ATC for Willowing swap - well, here they are. I used only watercolors and they came out pretty nicely me thinks ;) (it's two cards - one next to another)

Friday, 24 January 2014

Wednesday's Winter Time

Sharing the beauty from our Wednesday's walk:

There are mountains covered in snow and sunlight in the middle of those clouds.

It's snowing today so the colors are completely different. I feel sad about all the spring flowers that came out early, and all the trees that started growing their foliage. I hope the sun comes back soon.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Belgrade and Time

It was October when Natasa, my friend and ceramic teacher, asked me if I would take on the task of designing catalogue for her upcoming exhibition. I would take photographs of her piece as well and since graphics design and taking photographs kinda is one of my things I immediately said yes :)

In December, during all of the hassle with printing the catalogue and sending mails to Belgrade and back, she invited me to the opening of the exhibition. I hesitated for a while because it was so sudden and all but then my desire to visit Belgrade kicked in and I agreed. It would be a four day visit, with setting up the exhibit, a bit of sight seeing and then going back. We would take the train there and return with her colleague who had the second part of the exhibition. This changed a bit as we returned with train as well but it was still part of the charm.

In Belgrade time slows down considerably. I wouldn't believe it had I not experienced it myself. Those two days and a half we had, felt like a week. Really. That's  probably the reason why I got sick upon my return because I had to adapt to our busy time here. But I am convinced, more and more, than time runs as we set ourselves to receive it.

Here are some (ok, a lot :) photographs from the trip and I shall end my post with the catalogue that made it all happen. It's great to start a year with a little getaway, gives you plenty to dream about.

Do you have any interesting time related stories to share too?

And here's the catalogue: Clickity Click ;)

Monday, 13 January 2014

The Goodygoodyswap of 2013

Or what I sent off to my amazing-photos-taking-patner:

In the message I received I learned she loved postcards and photography. So I bought her a vintage Christmas postcard from year 1933 (so cute), took a special Polaroid photo just for her, printed one of my favourite Polaroids and sewn a fabric jacket for a little photo album (I also made the cover title to sew on) and made a little madebynini label to sew inside on the back flap. That gorgeous label comes from The Graphics Fairy web site. It's this one, pretty isn't it?

She loved her presents and told me she'll use the album for her favourite photos from her Cambodia trip :) I loved that!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Real Mail Surprises - II

As promised I owe you all a revelation about my recent surprise package in our mailbox (and please excuse the poor photos, it was dark outside when I took them).

Opening of the envelope wasn't enough, the mystery thing was wrapped in another paper. How sweet. And after this pretty paper, there was another one! I felt like a little kid again. You know, like when parents wrap your gifts this way so the anticipation is getting sky high :) After removing the third layer I finally came to my present:

A magazine called FLOW. Beautifully printed, full of gorgeous photos, interesting articles and even papery presents! There was one big paper envelope inside to be taken out and two little post-it blocks printed with little flowers in the corners. Adorable.

I immediately made some tea and installed myself in my big armchair to enjoy the evening with this pretty magazine. Thank you so much Esther for thinking of me and sending me this highly inspirational magazine ♥.

Next week I shall reveal what I sent off to my #goodygoody2013 swap partner :)