Saturday, 30 November 2013

Creative Times

Hello friends

It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately but this doesn’t mean I have been resting :)

I’ve been very creative this month, even more from November 13th when Katrin from tea, paper and pencil and I decided to challenge ourselves with the task of being creative each day! And this includes all kinds of creative things: drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, pretty cake baking,... well, I’m sure you get it. Anything that allows you to be creative and gives you the chance to put that creativity out there.

So.... I did some drawing in my new sketchbook,

finished the ATC cards for this month’s theme which was “Funny or Pretty Hats” over at Willowing,

and even sewn something for myself.

I must brag about the sewing part a little because this was something I’ve been meaning to do for years - take apart an old and very well cut out fleece jumper, get the pattern from it and then do a replica. Well, I think I did quite a good job for the first one :)  It is super soft (thanks to the blanket that went into it) and it fits me as it should.

I also joined the admin crew of Nourish Creativity Blog   which is a place to “find book and course reviews, links to useful websites that have prompts, activities, articles, resources and a wide range of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.” Have a look at the page and if you like what you see submit to the blog’s feed. There’s a Facebook group connected to it as well and I shall take care of ATC swaps there. You can find the group here but you need us to add you in as it’s a private one, just don’t be afraid to ask.

There are also monthly prompts for creating and if you participate you get to see your work pinned down to the special group’s Pinboard here. We are currently expanding the project from "drawings only" to "anything creative". 

I also signed up for another charity event - Make Your Mark and I'm pretty sure you can still sign up too. I already got my two postcards to make my art on and they are wonderful. It's the lush thick watercolor paper and I know it will be such a pleasure working on it. I shall of course share what I did when I get round to it of course.

And lastly, there's still a chance for you to jump on board this really cool holiday swap named goodygoodyholidayswap :)

Ha, at least I wrote about a few things this time ;)  Hope you are all well and creative too.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Orange was the theme for my October's ATC swap at Willowing. The instructions were in the line of "orange is so much more than oranges and pumpkins" but I just couldn't get this image out of my head so I drew it:

And I'm glad I did :)

Other than this there's not much to write I'm afraid as I've been away since my last post. We were on a short vacation in Sicily and here are some pretty photos to prove it ;)

Aha, one more thing. My feathers got to Yanik during this time and I'm so glad she liked them. She is really so awsome, she made videos for all the feathers she got so far and she'll continue to do so. Check out my feathers on this link. More videos and everything concerning the project can be seen here.