Saturday, 24 August 2013

To Celebrate the 100th Post I'm Hosting a....


It's true and I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the post counter reach 99th post. I've been blogging on and off for the past 4 years and well, it's quite a thing for me to come to the number 100.

So, to thank you my dear followers and dear "commenters" (what a word :) ) I'm giving away something I made with Miss Red. It's something useful and I'll finish it off when I'll know who the lucky winner will be.

If you'd like to enter leave a comment and I'll choose a random winner on September 1st.

Good luck and thank you for being here with me!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Sewing and Drawing

Sewing and some drawing were on the agenda for the last two weeks or so. Maybe more, don't really remember.... time flies and my brains don't want to keep things in.

Anyways, the first thing I wanted to share was this little skirt I made for my friend. It was supposed to be a test run for the pattern and because I "labeled" it that way I was easy on myself and I could experiment a lot. I got the graphics I printed and ironed on the fabric from the awsome site of The Graphics Fairy. She has tons of beautiful images to download there and lots and lots of tutorials or DIY projects that she shares from others as well. I also drew a bit on the skirt and hemmed it with self adhesive iron on tape. And I must say I was rather pleased with the result :)

Then I sewed up a little bunny for a friend's baby. I took the pattern from Tilda's book Sew Pretty Homestyle and changed it from cat to bunny. I had these little baby blankets that were perfect for this and I liked how the bunny came out too.

As for the drawing goes... well... that's always so tricky for me. If I have to draw it will take me ages to go and do it. Really. I can MAKE stuff but drawing... I find this really interesting but I will force myself to continue doing it. Because practice is all I need and after the appropriate investment of time and efforts my drawing will be so much easier to go to. I know that. So, what do I have to show? I participated in an ATC card swap last month and the theme was "Keep Calm and.." - we had to come up with our own sayings. It was a very interesting thing to make because these cards are oh-so tiny and small that it's quite difficult to make them. But oh-so more rewarding when you're done. Here are my two cards:

I hope the girl I sent them to will receive them because I think the number that was missing from her address might be crucial :/  I already received her cards and they were FABULOUS! So soooooo great that they made me feel so bad about the ones I made. And the funny thing was, she made me a "Keep Calm and Dream On" one too :) What are the odds for this eh? 

Did you make something for yourself or your friends too? I'd love to see it, please share.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I've been off-line quite a bit these past few days and it seems I have so much more time because of it. I do miss my on-line friends though and I will be keeping in touch but all in all, it’s great to be off-line and having time to enjoy life or just be.

So much has happened since my last post but THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is the Universe’s great sense of humor of either proving me wrong or as my friend said - “He needed You.”  What on earth am I talking about? Well, on Wednesday 24th I went to a different kind of meditation where I saw my group after quite some time and as we chatted and caught up on each other I told them it looks like I got over the need of having a cat. That I no longer wanted it badly or felt like I need one. I was perfectly ok with not having one around but loving them just the same as I did. And still missing the ones that had to leave. They were really surprised with my statement and we left it at that.

Well, the next day, after a perfect day of having my best friend over and making her a test skirt (test as in seeing if I can still pull it off, a simple one, from scratch - which I did) I went out for a walk with M when I, while next to the field of corn, heard miaowing. It was very faint but it was there. I immediately went to explore and found a cardboard box hidden amongst the tall grass next to the shrubs and bushes which grow by the water ditches. It took some time to find the cat that was making the noise as it climbed up one of the trees and of course didn’t know how to get down. When we approached it it made even more noise but at the same time went a bit higher above. Let me just say that it’s really good I’ve been climbing a lot recently as I wouldn’t be able to get the poor thing down otherwise. And M helped a lot too. Our walk was over with this as we rushed back home with the cat to give it some much needed food and lots of love. And my perfect day ended up being the perfect day ever! Go figure the big U, but thank You again. 

 Well Helloooou there  ^ ◡ ^ 

Sleeping a lot, especially after an hour or so of playing around.

I will talk about my creative endeavors in my next post as I don't want to post everything at once ;)

Love to you all!