Friday, 19 July 2013

After Vacations

I've been on my yearly Rhodes holidays last week and it's been great again. Only, this year it's been twice more interesting. Firstly, I did some sketching! This is a big whoa for me because I usually take all the things I need with me but end up not using them at all. But this time I did and it made me so proud of myself. I even had encounters with people while drawing and was offered a bigger paper to draw on :)  I found that so cute. And the offer was made form the gardener/handy man of the place who thought I did my drawing really well! :)

I shall show you all of the sketches even if I only finished two of them. Because if I don’t (and I did want to finish them first but of course got carried away with other things) you’ll never get to see them at all :)

my first time drawing outside - view from the sun bed  (I also discovered I didn't take water soluble pencils with me so that was quite a shock)

trying out a different approach with line thicknesses but not liking it much

drawing Hibiscus flowers in the garden and almost melting away while doing so (have to color them up and fine line them)

our room at the hotel - M says it wasn't this pretty :D

little rock that greeted us when we first came back to out favourite beach

Secondly we did some climbing this year. We took all of the equipment with us and tested the biggest climbing site. The rock was really nice and the view from belaying grounds was beautiful - sea all around. We shall bring the equipment with us next year too as we got to know some of the local climbers who were really friendly and they offered to take us along to the neighbor island for some other climbing spots as well. So so cool.

And I managed to test drive Mrs Red (my new sewing machine) because I had to make last minute bag for our yellow umbrella to take there with us. The bag came out nicely and was a joy to carry around. Mrs Red is so much lighter than our old machine that she jumps a bit on the table but apart from this (and some fabric dragging which I have to explore a bit more) she performed quite well. I bought some interfacing yesterday so I can try out the things I learned on the e-course I mentioned in my previous post. There’s only this tiny bit of the time issue there but I’ll manage.