Friday, 28 June 2013


I love surprises (the pleasant ones of course, I feel like I should point this out). I was thinking and observing a lot on our Netherlands journey and came to realize and felt it too, that the Universe does indeed care for us (or the Mighty Force/The One/God, however you choose to call it/her/him). I’ve been reading about it and it did make sense but until it happens to you, you are somehow still an unbeliever.

So I’m saying it here for all to see:

Thank you Universe for everything!

Now, for the next part and since I was talking about surprises - I got another one this week! I received an e-mail from Deborah O’Hare asking me if I was the nini who was chosen from Craftsy to get a free e-course she was so generously giving away on her blog.

Just look at these bags, who wouldn’t like to know how they are made.

After checking up my other mail I discovered that I indeed was the nini in question so hey, I got a free e-course and I’ll be able to make this bag for myself! Isn’t this awsome? The most incredible part of this story is this: when we were on a long hike last Saturday I was collecting little branches and looking at bigger ones because I was thinking about an image from the book I received in Deborah’s previous giveaway!!! Now tell me, isn’t this amazing? I had this book (in .pdf file to be precise) for quite a while and there is a project in there that I really wanted to do but haven’t done yet (it's the three fishes you can see in her post). And now that I got me gorgeous Miss Red it looks like someone thinks I should START DOING instead of just wanting to. And this goes for all the things that have been on my ever growing to-do list! Start doing and stop thinking! :) And cut the time spent on-line. Seriously!

Have you ever noticed the Universe being on your side too? I'd love to read about it, please share.

And for the end, I'm leaving you with this beautiful scene from the hike mentioned above. We went to Triglav Lakes Valley.

Hut between two lakes.

Wishing you all a lovely week-end!

I shall write a blog post about this Quilt As You Go e-class as soon as I finish it.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's That?

Pen Jam

Weird thing to keep in a jar right? :)  I decided poor neglected pretties needed a much needed bath so I had to leave them like this for a while to get that dried ink out. As soon as the water clears I'll assemble them again and they will be ready to draw. Again. Finally! (I can just hear them say that)

I treated myself some more and ordered Winston&Newton Cotman Studio 45 Half Pan Set of watercolors. I’ve been admiring them for quite a while and I couldn’t resist the price when I saw it. I’m testing a new way of getting things from UK because not all the Amazon sellers ship here. There seems to be a bit of a hiccup with this already but I’m confident we’ll sort things out and they will arrive here quickly. I also ordered two of Winston&Newton sketchbooks (with 170gr paper) so that I really won’t have any excuses left not to draw ;)

ready for Canada

Now I really have to spill the beans about a very cool art project I’m doing with 6 of my on-line friends: Suzi from Australia, Soni Raj and  Sandy from Canada, Yvonne and Esther from Netherlands and Pavinee from Thailand. We decided to make an accordion sketchbook and fill it up with our arts. The sketchbooks will do quite some traveling before they reach all of us but it’s so exciting to read about their current location and what is going on there. I don’t have any of them at the moment but it was really fun and challenging to make mine and think about what to put in it. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out but I shall not share any sneak peeks with you just yet.

I should go and do some seeding now. I bought a couple of packages of poppy seeds when I was in Netherlands because poppies are one of my favourite flowers and I hope to have them on my balcony this year. I bought the huge ones and the small ones - I wonder which of them will grow first.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

After May comes June

As Cindy discovered with surprise, I still haven't updated my blog. And A LOT has happened since my last post about drawing blind contours of giraffes and other animals.

In fact... so much has happened I can't possibly tell everything or include all the details but I will let you in on what was going on in the past month (o my, it's actually really a month since my last post O_o ).

Hmmm, I'll go backwards. On tenth was my birthday and it was a lovely day here. I was still a bit tired from our recent trip (which I'll tell you about next) so we took it easy. I didn't have anything planned at all - except for lunch with my family - so you can imagine my surprise when I came to Lidl for some grocery shopping to see a beautiful, gorgeous, amazing sewing machine. I was looking for a new one for quite some time now so that's why, when I saw this beauty, I knew she was waiting for me :) I haven’t tried her out yet but I feel she’ll do great!

Miss Red

The trip. Yes. We (my parents and me) went to Netherlands to get a new Norwegian Forest cat for my parent’s new cattery. But instead of just driving there to pick her up and go back we decided to make it a little vacation first. We enjoyed the sunshine, beautiful landscapes, greenery, cute little towns, great shops (even though there wasn’t a lot of time for shopping), perfect little cottages in the countryside, busy Amsterdam and to top everything - we visited a place that was a dream home for me. Absolute heaven in the middle of nowhere, nature all around with all sorts of small happy places to just enjoy life and be. I really hope I’ll be able to visit the lady who lives there again.

young Miss Quini

busy Amsterdam

cute bike

heaven on earth
typical Dutch wind mill

But that’s not all. I met 3 of my on-line friends in Amsterdam! We met at the botanical garden, had some tea and chatted like we knew each other from high school. It was awsome to meet them all and I only wish we would have the means to meet up regularly somewhere. I even got a surprise present from Yvonne (who had no idea I’ll be having a birthday) - Micron pens, a pink writing fountain pen and a very sharp porcupine quill which she uses to draw and write with ink. Such a perfect surprise. I just had to get myself a bottle of ink and 3 of those brushes you can load with water to take around for some outdoor painting and sketching.

I shall finish now because this post is loaded with info as is but I still have two more things to tell :) I'll leave them for my next post which will be sooner then next month, I promise!