Sunday, 12 May 2013

Drawing Blind Contoures

Whoa, another post? Oh yessss, read on ;)

I had to catch up for our draw along so it was blind contour drawing time. It's really interesting how this goes. My first giraffe contour had quite a resemblance to the original photo and then some of the next ones too but it looks like my brain can't concentrate for a very long time doing this. And this manifests in shorter or longer lines which make the end result really funny :)  I just couldn't pull off the whole giraffe but could do reasonably well with only the head. Maybe I would improve over time but it was really quite different from the first lesson when I was drawing cats where I could see the improvement from one cat to another.

Here is my first batch of drawings; top right was the first page I did (and some are rotated):

Then I decided to do some other animals and I couldn't believe how hard it was to draw a really simple bird outline. This is really an interesting exercise. It looks to me as if I captured the things I thought were the most obvious or interesting. Like if the communication between my brain and hand went along these lines: "Line going slightly to left, slow down a bit, going up now, oh my does this eye look gorgeously big, nevermind this now, adjust the line please, it's supposed to go slightly more to the right and o nooo, this is a wrong angle, it's going to fall off the paper you ....". Some features "pulled" me away - they deconcentrated me - so I had to work really hard on following the outline if I wanted to draw something resembling the photos.

But I do love the results. I think these would look great on a T-shirt and I think I'll do one. Just don't know what to choose. Flower? Animal? Suggestions are warmly welcomed :)

This is my final drawing:

It was done with 3 outlines above one another and you can see the fourth one on the top left side (I'm not sure it was meant to be done this way but that's how I went about it). I colored everything with water soluble pencils and then almost chickened out for using water over them (it's because the results are usually not what I want them to be). But I did use water and after everything dried out went over with some ordinary colored pencils for a few touch-ups. I think I should just stop using the water ones or at least for the time until I figure out how to use them properly.

And if you are wondering about the paper I'm using - it's from a cereal box because I decided to somehow recycle them and because I plan to bind them all in a book once I have all the lessons finished. It should look pretty awsome - having everything in one fat book :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Hello :)

Feels like yesterday since my last post but it's been almost a month! Gosh. I really dislike time sneaking off like this.

I feel I should mention my little 5 day getaway at the beginning of this month. We visited Omiš for a climbing type of vacation. We were there along our colleagues from the climbing school and it was such a pleasant getaway. The weather was beautiful, summer was already there and everything was in bloom like in spring time. Quite interesting to have two seasons at the same time.

This photo is my favourite one - it captures the essence of this old little town. Hidden gardens amongst cute rock built houses.

This view was shot while in the middle of our climbing route. We had this beautiful valley below us all the time.

I think we shall return next year to enjoy this beautiful place once more as there are still loads of routes left to be explored. Not to mention the river or all those hills surrounding the place.

And these are the cards that surprised me in April and May. The left one is from Fern S. and the right one from Helen A. N.. Aren't they cool? It's sooooo nice to be surprised like this. Which is why I still feel awkward for not sending anything out to Esther yet. But I will Esther! I said I will and you shall be surprised too ;)