I have no idea why I waited so long to write about it here as but I made it! I finished my little sketchbook and sent it back to Brooklyn. Now the waiting begins - I'm guessing they'll let me know when it arrives. I sure hope so.

Off You Go.... in a sad tone

I decided to take a little workshop in plushie making just so I could virtually be with toi who is taking it in real life. But since I can't just pop on the plane and transport myself to the other side of the world I persuaded the teacher to make an e-course for me and she gladly agreed to do so (I have a feeling she will be offering them in the future as well :).

Rudi I

Meet Rudi - my first attempt. The face and some embellishments are due next and then we'll be making clothes. It's rather exciting making this type of plushies although I find needle felting much easier, I guess it's more sculptural and easy to shape as you move along. But I'm pretty sure Rudi will not end up being alone :D

I also have this little stool from my "MIL" which has been waiting for a redo for more than a year now. It's one of those projects that make me uneasy, I'm very indecisive about how to proceed and what to do now. But I have to finish it as it's been really too long and it isn't good to have such unfinished projects laying around constantly reminding you how you suck at delivering. Jup. So I'm asking you, dear readers, to ask me about it every once in a while so I'll be even more eager to get it done and move on  :)   Thank you so much in advance.


  1. Do you have Skype? I was thinking we could have a virtual crafting-afternoon through webcam, since like you said, it's not really possible to fly all over the world to be with all your crafting friends. :)

    1. HA! That's a brilliant idea Eerika. We could really try it out. I'd have to use the laptop with it's built-in camera but it doesn't really matter, right? As long as we'll be sharing good vibes and energy "together" it'll be fun :)

  2. Congrats on getting your sketchbook off. I can't wait to see what you did. You are uber-talented in so many field. I admire that you honour this and peruse teachers to write courses for you! I look forward to seeing this one finished. :)

    1. Thank you so much Suzi! It felt really good finishing my little book and I was genuinely sad to let it go, especially since it was my first ever.

      And thank you so much for your kind words of praise. It's so good to hear it, to know there are others who like what I do and think I have talents. I wish I had more self confidence but I'm hoping I'll gain it with more work and more "putting myself out there".

      As for the course goes - it may sound awful but I can't really call it a course. I'm glad I did it anyways because it gave me the push to make something again and it probably gave my teacher a new experience :) And like I wrote, I got to visit the same class with toi :D Virtually but still.

      Rudi is all finished up now and because of him I'm thinking about designing a cloth doll to make in addition to the needle felted ones I love to do. I have to sit down and start thinking and go over all the books I have at home to get the knowledge and the ideas. Jup... this year will be great! :D

      sending you love

  3. Rudi is amazing :) I haven't looked at him all finished on purpose, wanted to see him 'naked' first ;) This way I can properly see your handiwork!
    And like Suzi says - wow, I'm impressed with your different pursuits as well! Why focus in one area if you have the time and the talents to do it all?? I love what I've seen of your drawing skills so far, and am really looking forward to see more of your sketchbook!
    And this, Rudi, he is awesome :) I can see a whole zoo of little creatures down the road :)
    And as for that stool, will you share a photo and a little about your ideas for it? Would love to get more of an idea of your challenge ;)

    1. Thank you so much for your positive and spirit lifting thoughts! I'll be reading this comment of yours and Suzi's too often... hmmm, maybe I should just print it and hang it over my working desk... yes! I totally should! :D

      I'm so waiting to get the link to my digitized sketchbook too, to be able to share it with you all. It is already there - they sent me an e-mail with the confirmation - so I'm at ease about this. Wonderful news to know it arrived safely.

      I used to be a bit unease, or I don't know how to say it, about my need to try out everything that strikes my fancy because you know.... if you don't commit to only one thing you can't be perfect at it, but I realized it made me unhappy and rather unproductive in a way so I said to myself I'll just try and be as good as I can with the things I try out and over the years I should improve anyways... right? :) And it's in my nature to get bored doing the same thing for a longer time.

      I wanted to post a photo of that stool but didn't quite have the time to find it. I know I took it once to have it for the before/after post but.. huh.... I'll find it now and I'll add it to this post along with my idea as well. Thank you for this suggestion.

  4. Yay for sending your sketchbook off! That's awesome! I'm pretty sure they email when it's checked in. I haven't heard anything yet about mine arriving...I think it takes them a while to process them all! x

    1. I got their mail already! Yay! I just have to wait for them to scan it and then I'll publish the link everywhere :D


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