Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

from Mucko and me :)

Thank you for sticking around and I hope you'll continue to do so in the Awesome 2014 :)
And a special thank you goes to all of you who take time and comment on my posts. You make my heart sing and make it all worthwhile.


Here's a link to a very interesting project that Lisa Sonora Beam prepared for us Root: A 30 Day Journal Project.  I have already signed up, will you too?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Awesome - free print

The end of this year is approaching and I must confess I can't wait for 2014 to begin. I never anticipated the start of a new year like this. Why? Because I treated myself with an e-course that I can't wait to start. I'm talking about Alena Hennessy's A Year of Painting.

I'm finally going to "attack" those canvases I'm hoarding in "our basement". And not just one of them, all of them! Plus, I'll be drawing on some other surfaces too as I can see from the supply list. How awsome is that? :)

And because I just KNOW the forthcoming year is going to be AWESOME, I really had to make something and shout out about it :)

This is full page A4 format and if you like it, you can download it HERE to print and remind yourself about this fact all year long until forever ;)  Mine is already hanging on the wall and it's looking none other than awesome of course :D

Thank you Cindy for the heads up on my spelling error. Well, with or without the "e" it still looks fab ;)  (but I fixed it now)

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Real Mail Surprises I

If you remember I mentioned jumping in a very cool swap in my previous post.  I got the ideas about what to give to my partner as soon as I got the info about who I was paired up with. I was really happy with whom I got because she is into Polaroids and photography and postcards - who wouldn't like to send to such a wonderful person :)  In case you'd like to »meet« her, she has her web corner over here - Heather Champ.

I received her mail after 7 days of her dropping it off (Saturday and Sunday included). Whoa right? I hope you are curious about what I got because I'm going to show off now ;)

Gorgeously wrapped, amazing Polaroid accordion card. Made by her entirely. Notice the hand writing please. Wow!

I really love it!

I shall reveal what I sent as soon as Heather tells me she received it and I really hope it won't be long now.

And guess what? I got a surprise package in our mailbox today but I will leave it's content for my next post ;)   Oh happy happy post days! :D

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Creative Times

Hello friends

It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately but this doesn’t mean I have been resting :)

I’ve been very creative this month, even more from November 13th when Katrin from tea, paper and pencil and I decided to challenge ourselves with the task of being creative each day! And this includes all kinds of creative things: drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, pretty cake baking,... well, I’m sure you get it. Anything that allows you to be creative and gives you the chance to put that creativity out there.

So.... I did some drawing in my new sketchbook,

finished the ATC cards for this month’s theme which was “Funny or Pretty Hats” over at Willowing,

and even sewn something for myself.

I must brag about the sewing part a little because this was something I’ve been meaning to do for years - take apart an old and very well cut out fleece jumper, get the pattern from it and then do a replica. Well, I think I did quite a good job for the first one :)  It is super soft (thanks to the blanket that went into it) and it fits me as it should.

I also joined the admin crew of Nourish Creativity Blog   which is a place to “find book and course reviews, links to useful websites that have prompts, activities, articles, resources and a wide range of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.” Have a look at the page and if you like what you see submit to the blog’s feed. There’s a Facebook group connected to it as well and I shall take care of ATC swaps there. You can find the group here but you need us to add you in as it’s a private one, just don’t be afraid to ask.

There are also monthly prompts for creating and if you participate you get to see your work pinned down to the special group’s Pinboard here. We are currently expanding the project from "drawings only" to "anything creative". 

I also signed up for another charity event - Make Your Mark and I'm pretty sure you can still sign up too. I already got my two postcards to make my art on and they are wonderful. It's the lush thick watercolor paper and I know it will be such a pleasure working on it. I shall of course share what I did when I get round to it of course.

And lastly, there's still a chance for you to jump on board this really cool holiday swap named goodygoodyholidayswap :)

Ha, at least I wrote about a few things this time ;)  Hope you are all well and creative too.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Orange was the theme for my October's ATC swap at Willowing. The instructions were in the line of "orange is so much more than oranges and pumpkins" but I just couldn't get this image out of my head so I drew it:

And I'm glad I did :)

Other than this there's not much to write I'm afraid as I've been away since my last post. We were on a short vacation in Sicily and here are some pretty photos to prove it ;)

Aha, one more thing. My feathers got to Yanik during this time and I'm so glad she liked them. She is really so awsome, she made videos for all the feathers she got so far and she'll continue to do so. Check out my feathers on this link. More videos and everything concerning the project can be seen here.

Monday, 28 October 2013

My Feathers for Yanik Finished

I really enjoyed making these because I was able to experiment and it was interesting to see what works best on different surfaces. The worst surface was the one with gesso because I really like to use either color pencils or watercolors and well... color pencils are o.k. over the gesso but watercolors... not really :)  The mistake was all mine, I should have used the papery side of the boxes from the beginning and just glue two pieces of the cardboard together with the printed sides. I did it in the end so I had to cut some of the feathers twice (which is the worst part of the job for me :) ).

I can't possibly choose the favourite one because I really like most of them :)  I think I'll be drawing or making some more in the future because they really are such a cool project.
There is still time for you to make some and send them to Yanik. If you haven't seen the "why part" about it - jump here.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Feathers Please


 This time I'll be really short because it's late and because all I really want to do is make you all aware of this cool project I stumbled upon earlier this evening. It's about making feathers out of cardboard boxes and sending them to Canada to Yanik. She is going to make a big bird installation with all the feathers in it's tail. There's another highlight in this; she will try to have the bird hosted by as many heart-centered businesses in order to get the money to donate onwards. "Each 300$ donation feeds and educates one child in Haiti through the Eddy Pascal School and the Haiti-Laurentides Committee."

You will find all the info and instructions over HERE.

Let's create some pretties! :)

Here's my batch that is going to be gessoed asap to dry over night.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Was it really a month ago when I published my last post? Jeez... I need to master time tweaking a.s.a.p. or things will get even worse :D

Here is a little update on the First Accordion Swap I'm in with 6 of my on-line friends and which I mentioned and explained about here.

I had a chance to draw in three of the books and the art that is already in them is amazing. Two of them are patiently waiting for me to wrap them up and send them on the road again as I've been hoarding them for a bit too long but I guess it was inevitable. I hope I'll be quicker for the next ones but I don't want to rush it. It's about art that will end up in someone else's book and if I want to put a little bit of me in there I just have to wait for the right moment. Here is a sneak peek of my three drawings:

Sometimes I surprise myself with what I come up with or with the way I draw things - it's almost like somebody else did them. I think I'll never end up with just one way of drawing/painting things because that's not who I am, but I know in time, my pieces will definitely get that feel of »me«.

Soni Raj wrote about her experience with these little books and it's really lovely to see her parts of the art made for us. Don't they look pretty?

I am also still participating in ACEO/ATC monthly swaps at willowing. Last month the prompt was »Harvest Moon« and here's what I came up with:

This was my third pair and I think I'll continue with the »double spread way« of making them from now on. I like it because I can tell a little story this way plus I need to make sure they stand well on their own too. It's quite a double challenge and sometimes I like challenges too :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Real Pinning Board - Tutorial

I've been observing this type of boards for a long time now and they were always a bit too expensive for me - especially for something that I think is quite easy to make. When I saw this recycling contest over at dA I decided it was finally time to make one.

I took some progress photos to be able to share with you how I made it. I also learned quite a bit so you won't have to make the same mistakes as I did. I didn't photograph all the steps but I think these are more than enough to follow. Plus, you do always read the instructions too, right :D

Materials needed:
- cardboard from a big box - you can glue together 2 of them for a stiffer surface (sandwich wise)
- pretty fabric - I have lots of fabric samples from a curtain/wallpaper store but you can sew a patchwork first or use old denims... possibilities are endless here
- batting or thinner foam
- elastic band
- beads - you can use buttons or little bows or anything you fancy
- double sided tape
- duct tape or any good holding tape you have
- needle & thread


1. First decide about the size of your board  and simply cut it from your box:
2. Take your fabric and cut it about 2,5cm (1 inch) bigger than your board: 
3. Draw your desired grid on the board. Make sure you draw those "tails" inwards too because you'll need them later when the fabric will be covering part of your drawn grid. Tails need to be longer than 2,5 cm (1 inch) or your fabric overlap:
 4. Cut your batting/foam to fit the size of your board and start assembling the following sandwich: fabric with correct side facing down on your working surface + batting/foam + cardboard (not pictured here):
5. Take your double sided tape and cut it to fit the overlap of the fabric on the cardboard. Pay attention to those tails you drew earlier. It's wise not to have glue over the tails because it's incredibly hard to sew through it plus it makes your needle horribly sticky. Trust me here as I learned the tough way:
6. Cut away those fabric corners but not directly at the board's corners. Fold the fabric back over the cardboard and glue it down. I think it's good to do opposite sides order.

Then take your elastic band and cut it to fit your lines. It's good to keep tension on the board so you are able to stick your photos on it plus it looks good when elastic "puffs" your batting :)  I cut my elastics to almost the same lengths as the drawn lines were - without the tails that is. This way you get the correct tension when you fold your elastic over the board's sides. But you should try it first before you cut it as all elastics don't behave in the same way.

Now it's time to sew the elastics on. This is when those "tails" come in handy - they assist you in positioning down your elastics to the correct places:
 7. After you are done with sewing the elastics you need to secure down those grid intersections:
You can see how my grid was off because I didn't have those tails to assist me while sewing!
Tape down all the folded back + sewn on elastic tails at the back of the board (can bee seen on the next photo). I used masking tape because that was the only thing I had available.

8. To secure down the intersections at the front side I used beads and I simply sewed them on. At least I had the grid to pin them down correctly :) This is how it looked from the back:
9. The only thing left to do is adding some hanging devices at the back of the board. Since this board is really light I used some poster hanging thingies but you can make loops and sew them to the fabric too:

This is it! I hope you'll find my tutorial useful and if you make a board I'd love to see it.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Do We Have a Winner?

I had Mucko draw one of the folded papers from the bowl and I filmed a video with the action but in the end failed big time. Looks like I have something new to learn in the future :D

I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong :)  The important thing is, I know whom to send the little package to ;) Yay! I'll finish it off first and then it will be on it's way!

Thank you all for participating and I'm sorry Esther, I hope Mucko picks you out next time.

I don't know why Blogger doesn't want to show the original size of the photo but the name on the paper is Cindy's.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

To Celebrate the 100th Post I'm Hosting a....


It's true and I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the post counter reach 99th post. I've been blogging on and off for the past 4 years and well, it's quite a thing for me to come to the number 100.

So, to thank you my dear followers and dear "commenters" (what a word :) ) I'm giving away something I made with Miss Red. It's something useful and I'll finish it off when I'll know who the lucky winner will be.

If you'd like to enter leave a comment and I'll choose a random winner on September 1st.

Good luck and thank you for being here with me!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Sewing and Drawing

Sewing and some drawing were on the agenda for the last two weeks or so. Maybe more, don't really remember.... time flies and my brains don't want to keep things in.

Anyways, the first thing I wanted to share was this little skirt I made for my friend. It was supposed to be a test run for the pattern and because I "labeled" it that way I was easy on myself and I could experiment a lot. I got the graphics I printed and ironed on the fabric from the awsome site of The Graphics Fairy. She has tons of beautiful images to download there and lots and lots of tutorials or DIY projects that she shares from others as well. I also drew a bit on the skirt and hemmed it with self adhesive iron on tape. And I must say I was rather pleased with the result :)

Then I sewed up a little bunny for a friend's baby. I took the pattern from Tilda's book Sew Pretty Homestyle and changed it from cat to bunny. I had these little baby blankets that were perfect for this and I liked how the bunny came out too.

As for the drawing goes... well... that's always so tricky for me. If I have to draw it will take me ages to go and do it. Really. I can MAKE stuff but drawing... I find this really interesting but I will force myself to continue doing it. Because practice is all I need and after the appropriate investment of time and efforts my drawing will be so much easier to go to. I know that. So, what do I have to show? I participated in an ATC card swap last month and the theme was "Keep Calm and.." - we had to come up with our own sayings. It was a very interesting thing to make because these cards are oh-so tiny and small that it's quite difficult to make them. But oh-so more rewarding when you're done. Here are my two cards:

I hope the girl I sent them to will receive them because I think the number that was missing from her address might be crucial :/  I already received her cards and they were FABULOUS! So soooooo great that they made me feel so bad about the ones I made. And the funny thing was, she made me a "Keep Calm and Dream On" one too :) What are the odds for this eh? 

Did you make something for yourself or your friends too? I'd love to see it, please share.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I've been off-line quite a bit these past few days and it seems I have so much more time because of it. I do miss my on-line friends though and I will be keeping in touch but all in all, it’s great to be off-line and having time to enjoy life or just be.

So much has happened since my last post but THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is the Universe’s great sense of humor of either proving me wrong or as my friend said - “He needed You.”  What on earth am I talking about? Well, on Wednesday 24th I went to a different kind of meditation where I saw my group after quite some time and as we chatted and caught up on each other I told them it looks like I got over the need of having a cat. That I no longer wanted it badly or felt like I need one. I was perfectly ok with not having one around but loving them just the same as I did. And still missing the ones that had to leave. They were really surprised with my statement and we left it at that.

Well, the next day, after a perfect day of having my best friend over and making her a test skirt (test as in seeing if I can still pull it off, a simple one, from scratch - which I did) I went out for a walk with M when I, while next to the field of corn, heard miaowing. It was very faint but it was there. I immediately went to explore and found a cardboard box hidden amongst the tall grass next to the shrubs and bushes which grow by the water ditches. It took some time to find the cat that was making the noise as it climbed up one of the trees and of course didn’t know how to get down. When we approached it it made even more noise but at the same time went a bit higher above. Let me just say that it’s really good I’ve been climbing a lot recently as I wouldn’t be able to get the poor thing down otherwise. And M helped a lot too. Our walk was over with this as we rushed back home with the cat to give it some much needed food and lots of love. And my perfect day ended up being the perfect day ever! Go figure the big U, but thank You again. 

 Well Helloooou there  ^ ◡ ^ 

Sleeping a lot, especially after an hour or so of playing around.

I will talk about my creative endeavors in my next post as I don't want to post everything at once ;)

Love to you all!