Monday, 27 February 2012


Looks like it's been almost a month since my last update which means I have a lot to tell :)

Let me start with a little gem from our Saturday's sunny day out when we had a lovely day hiking and climbing around in our Vipava valley.


Besides doing all kinds of sporty things I've been busy, away and of course procrastinating a bit during my blog absence. On my little drawing project there is a colored sketch in my notebook for me to photograph and upload but there are at least three I have yet to make. I'm horrible, I know.

On a more positive note I attended an interesting workshop last week where we worked on old clothes that were not longer used (either because they were old, never worn before, torn somewhere, etc.) and we made them usable again. I came there with an old long skirt from H&M and I shortened it (quite a bit, I can make two more just from the frills I took off), made some sort of lace for the hem and used the lining to peep from below. I also managed to sew a little bird on it.

reused or repurposed?

The most interesting part of this workshop or the others that they have is the fact, they try to recycle stuff they get from other people or factories which would otherwise be thrown away. Check the group of enthusiast and their projects out here.

Aaaaand, there is another thing I simply must share. I decided to participate in this e-course the moment I first saw it - Creative Courage. I'm so excited about it I can't wait for April to start :D I'll definitely be sharing my progress here. It should be so cool!

I'm looking forward to your feedback, really. Write away, I don't bite ;)