Friday, 14 October 2011

Gorgeously Gloomy and Mysterious

Yesterday was one of those wet autumn days. I didn't really know it was wet until we came to our usual hiking place where I noticed wet ground and foliage. It looked like we missed the rain for a few minutes (which was good of course).

I looooove the scenery in the woods when it's all wet and foggy. Colors are saturated and everything looks so fairytale like.


And there were salamanders all over. Seriously, we had to pay a lot of attention when walking just so we wouldn't step on one. I find them really adorable:

Fire Salamander

What about you?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Box

Earlier this year I decided to try my luck at a (as I was told) very well known biennial ceramics competition that is held in Carouge, Switzerland. They seem to have very distinct themes at this competition. This year it was simply "The Box" - two years ago they had "Tea Pot". There were only a few rules to obey like size, ceramics only and 2 piece set - box with it's lid. The rest was up to us.

So after my first failure (I wanted to make some sort of "stack-able" box but wasn't really careful with it or accurate enough, and now that I think about it the thing would make more than two pieces which would disqualify it immediately anyway) I came up with this idea:


This thing is in the realm of boxes? I hear you ask. Well yeah, look at the proof:


So I sent them these two photos, as I was supposed to, and I waited and waited (they had to assemble their jury and everything and it took months) and I finally got an answer. They accepted my submission to be shown at the exhibition! Boy was I happy. Truly really happy. Because getting in is huge, really huge (especially if you know they received 795 submissions).

And yeah, I'm still happy about it :D

The exhibition will be open until 6th of November so if you're in the area, drop in and let me know how it looks like :)