So, it's been a while. I just logged in to find out this new layout customizer - fun fun stuff, I really couldn't decide what to use :D Will probably change it again and again until I have some new ideas of my own...

... anyways...

me is traveling tomorrow to Helsinki and I'm super excited about it.... I just might upload some photos while I'm there to keep this blog alive (yeah right)....

Did I make something? Sure did... a while ago (read: last year on 30th of August if anybody wants details). It's custom made bag to hold my beloved SX-70 Polaroid camera and it's close-up lens (in the small pocket). I used some old jeans and scraps of fabric I have loads of. Now that I own another SX-70 I need another one. And the pocket on the front flap is perfect for storing your fresh pola pictures. Now just how cool is that? :)


Do let me know whatya think.


  1. A beautiful bag for a beautiful camera, am I right?
    ...2 SX-70's?? :o Since when?!
    Also, I seemed to have completely missed the bandwagon for old 600 film. I can't find any reasonably priced anywhere. It's all gone methinks :( Perhaps I'm too tight but £18 plus postage for 8 shots from Impossible? If I were rich perhaps...

    Anyhoo, hope you're having/ have had fun in Helsinki! I encourage you to take pictures! :D


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