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My own "52 in 2021" creative plan

Previous post was about about the whole point behind My 52 in 2021 - Focusing on the Positive Project. I feel the need to recap in a way :) I know, from my own experience, that the things that lift me up and thus make me all positive and good to be around, are being creative, being outside in the nature and keeping my daily meditation practice. And because I want to be higher vibe and more in-tune with my higher self I will do more of these things. Specifically, more creative things as they are the first to go down the drain when my vibe starts to fall down. I shall tackle my never-ending list of creative e-courses! :D That's huge, mind you. Quite perfect that we're in the lock down and it's winter time ;) I will need an accountability buddy for this and also some sort of physical proof of what I will do so I decided to keep a simple art journal/scrapbook album in which I'll keep snippets of my projects and my photos from all the special things that will be happening in

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