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Nini's Healing Art Messages

 This is so me to drop in just every now and then but I'll flow with it :) At least I'm not spamming you too much, those of you who subscribed to my blog - no idea if you even get mail about a new post. Do you? Oh please let me know if you do. Anyways... let me tell you about what happened since my last blog post. Because I didn't exactly go and start doing those 100 Days of Creating I wrote about. And I also stopped filming my morning pages and posting them on my YT channel. Lol. I was always searching for that one thing that will make my heart sing and have me at peace that what I do, is ok, is of service to others and is making a difference. A positive one of course. And today, I received an idea that made my heart sing and ticks off every box I mentioned. And waaaaa, I am so excited about this! I haven't talked about this here before, maybe just mentioned it once, that I have been meditating since 2011 (seems longer though) and been doing all sorts of exercises to a

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