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December 2020 :)

  Hello my dear readers, it's so odd to be back here but at the same time exciting and promising too! I've been blogging but on other platforms. You can catch up on some of my posts over on my personal website but since I have finally opened my own SHOP and it's called Made by Nini it feels only right to return to this, very first blog of mine. It almost feels vintage and cosy now :) This interesting year that had us expanding in all directions is coming to an end and I hope you got the best out of it. I think I did. I can't complain about anything and am only grateful for all the wonderful teachings, a-ha moments and new connections I made. I have a feeling some awesome things are going to happen soon. For all of us! So, why exactly am I back here? To post more tutorials and things that you, my creative friends, would like me to write about. I've always liked sharing my creativity and since this was my first platform to do it I just want to be back. I tried to r

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