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My own YouTube Channel? O_O

 The image above was a stamp I made for my Christmas greeting card I sent to my friends. And since I think it's always a good time to wish good things here's my wish for you. May you have a magical 2021! Let it be creative, healthy, happy, joyful and adventurous and full of positive vibes. :) Now let's get to logging ;)  My first deviation from previously described accountability buddy a.k.a. scrapbook kinda album already happened. I discovered I won't be able to print out the book containing all of my 365 photos from 2020 (privacy issues between IG and FB and me :D ) so I realized I'll be making them myself from now on. And so, that colorful sketchbook I have, will host all of my 2021 photos. It's not perfect as I can't write properly in it but I'll make it work somehow. You can see here, that I did my Week 1 (on the right side) and then added 6 photos to the left page. So this is how I will go from now on, 6 photos per page till I get them

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