Friday, 7 August 2015

About July

Yes, I need to mention this July because it was AWESOME. Indeed. Pure awesomeness and deserves to be written about.

I had visitors. And it wasn't just any ordinary ones either. They were my online friends whom I got to know pretty very much via Facebook - oh yes, FB can be really good for some things - and they decided to visit Ljubljana and well, I live just around the corner too, so they came to see me as well :)

So, from 10th to 18th I was busy with showing them around Ljubljana, Slovenia and even Italy a bit. We had massive amounts of cakes - still need to get rid of those extra pounds now ;) - lots of fun, creative sessions with sketching, making collages and needle felting. Needle felting? Yes, I had my first ever workshop and I taught my friends how to needle felt and I am happy to say they all liked it and are now happily on their way to making some awesome things all by themselves. Which makes me feel oh so proud :)

It was such a great time! I wish Elke could make it too since she was the reason for all this to be happening in the first place but the big U. had other plans for her and I do know I'll get to meet her soon enough.

Liezl, Hugo, Andrea, Thornsten, Margarete and Yvonne - I had a blast and I can't wait to see all of you again and do some art with you. It was really amazing. Thank you for coming

And here's some eye candy for you all, none of us on the photos but just imagine lot of happy faces in these places and you won't be wrong at all :)

I have other news too but I'll leave them for the next post ;)

See you soon. Happy AUGUST to all of you!


Hugo said...

My dear friend, It was such a good time.

Monika Milkos said...

so happy to hear you had such a lovely time :) <3

Cindy D. said...

Sounds like a blast! Beautiful photos too :D

nini said...

Thank you my dear friends! ♥