Sunday, 19 July 2015

The 100 Days Project - update II and the end of it

I don't even want to know how much time passed since my last update but I'm here now to tell you, that I stopped doing it. Why? At first I had to stop because the tiny fibers together with my seasonal allergies made it really uncomfortable for me and then I decided to not get back on track because it was stressing me too much.

These became earrings but I forgot to take pictures and they are now with their new owner.

I am so terrible at staying away from these kinds of projects because they always seem such great fun but for me, as soon as I commit to them they become a great burden, a responsibility about keeping up with the promise I made. So in the future, I shall not even talk about me doing these things but I'll just publish them when I'm done with them and IF I'm done with them, ok? :D

Jup... this is a kind of "note-to-self" post. Thank you as always for reading


suzi poland said...

Thanks for sharing and owning your struggle with these things. I have heard about the health problems of working constantly with natural fibres so you are wise to stop. Art from the heart has no deadlines, no numbers, just a simple desire to keep beating a rhythm that makes us hum. Love your little felt creations they are a pleasure to my eyes and I look forward to seeing them whenever they are ready to hatch from within. <3

nini said...

Oh Suzi, thank you for these wise words. You are so very right about the art from the heart having no deadlines. I will definitely be felting more in the future but will try to stay away from these kinds of hard promises. Although, writing this and knowing I kinda got myself into yet another one..... well... hopefully that one will have a more happy ending ;)

Yvonne said...

I'm with Suzi on the numbers-thing �� Create from the heart - as you do, so beautifully - and the numbers don't matter... I'm reminded of the Elizabeth Gilbert post you shared a while ago - creativity being a fickle goddess & how to be thankful rather than angry �� Your felting is beautiful & as long as you don't give up, nothing is lost �� but I also hear ya on the project-thing & the note to self �� eventually, it's all about keeping *on* though - and you're *there*! Hug!

nini said...

Yvone my dear friend, thank you very much for your wise words. I know that true art only comes from the heart and that it simply cannot be pushed around if you want it to be special. Elizabeth Gilbert's words resonated deeply with me so yes... need to ponder on that a bit more :) Thank you so much for your time to be here for me.