Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The 100 Days Project - update I

I've been good and needle felted for whole 14 days in a row. Then I had a bit of a high temperature and I skipped a day. Then felted for another 4 days and realized I have to give it up for now. It's about me having allergies and being on the edge with them right now and the tiny little fibers that I inhale are making my lungs feel kinda bad and full. So for now, I'm pressing my pause button on this project :/

But this makes me think... did I fail? Should I stop completely because it doesn't look like I'll be doing it any time soon? And I just received my order of 50 shades of colors to use up.... gaaaah... Any suggestions? You'd really help if you'd share your wisdom with me my dear readers and friends. I'm also thinking about committing to some other type of 100 day project just to stay in the loop but I don't know... I really don't know.

Ending with a recap of my finished works during these 19 days:

Tiny bear, jointed. 2 inches tall :)

Tiny jellyfish made after my friend's beautiful drawing of sea animals. Mostly fish but this little guy kinda stood out amongst the crowd so I just had to make him :) You can see the drawing here.

I needed a special gift so I came up with this. This little frame used to be pink so I had to drown it in white gesso but it was worth it.

Made this tiny kitty for my artsy online friend Pavinee who draws every day and has a really cute and merry style. Find her here. Can you spot the cat?

My last little creation was Beni who is a bit bigger than the first bear - 2,75 inches tall. I'd like to develop my signature style teddy and I think I'm onto something with him. I just looove his cute big nose :)

I also made two tiny little pink birdies but they are not finished yet - as in made into earrings. I'll show them when they are :)

What are you up to? Are you doing this type of project too? I'd love to know about it so please share.

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