Sunday, 19 January 2014

Belgrade and Time

It was October when Natasa, my friend and ceramic teacher, asked me if I would take on the task of designing catalogue for her upcoming exhibition. I would take photographs of her piece as well and since graphics design and taking photographs kinda is one of my things I immediately said yes :)

In December, during all of the hassle with printing the catalogue and sending mails to Belgrade and back, she invited me to the opening of the exhibition. I hesitated for a while because it was so sudden and all but then my desire to visit Belgrade kicked in and I agreed. It would be a four day visit, with setting up the exhibit, a bit of sight seeing and then going back. We would take the train there and return with her colleague who had the second part of the exhibition. This changed a bit as we returned with train as well but it was still part of the charm.

In Belgrade time slows down considerably. I wouldn't believe it had I not experienced it myself. Those two days and a half we had, felt like a week. Really. That's  probably the reason why I got sick upon my return because I had to adapt to our busy time here. But I am convinced, more and more, than time runs as we set ourselves to receive it.

Here are some (ok, a lot :) photographs from the trip and I shall end my post with the catalogue that made it all happen. It's great to start a year with a little getaway, gives you plenty to dream about.

Do you have any interesting time related stories to share too?

And here's the catalogue: Clickity Click ;)


Yanik Falardeau said...

What a wonderful trip! I really enjoyed your pictures! Congratulations on your catalogue too!

nini said...

Oh, thank you so much Yanik! ♥

sandy p said...

Love this! thanks so much for sharing. Your photos are wonderful! so great to see. Love your catalogue, as well. So talented! I enjoyed seeing your friend's fantastic ceramic arts as well. Thanks for posting! :)

nini said...

O Sandy! Thank you for your comment and your wonderful words. It means a lot!