Sunday, 22 December 2013

Awesome - free print

The end of this year is approaching and I must confess I can't wait for 2014 to begin. I never anticipated the start of a new year like this. Why? Because I treated myself with an e-course that I can't wait to start. I'm talking about Alena Hennessy's A Year of Painting.

I'm finally going to "attack" those canvases I'm hoarding in "our basement". And not just one of them, all of them! Plus, I'll be drawing on some other surfaces too as I can see from the supply list. How awsome is that? :)

And because I just KNOW the forthcoming year is going to be AWESOME, I really had to make something and shout out about it :)

This is full page A4 format and if you like it, you can download it HERE to print and remind yourself about this fact all year long until forever ;)  Mine is already hanging on the wall and it's looking none other than awesome of course :D

Thank you Cindy for the heads up on my spelling error. Well, with or without the "e" it still looks fab ;)  (but I fixed it now)


suzi poland said...

Lovely Nini, what a gift! I wish you a very Awesome 2014 as you enjoy your painting course.

tutorial girl said...

Yey, Awsome!
I also can't wait to start.
PS and do share your paintings, OK? So we will enjoy with them too.

nini said...

:) I know I know.... just a few days now ;)

And I will, I promise. It will be good to see the progress or different approaches.

Thank you for your comment my friend.

nini said...

Thank you so much Suzi! I wish you an AWSOME one too! Always. ♥

Cindy D. said...

Haha, yay! Glad to help. (Delete this if my other comment shows up, but I must have forgotten to finish it!)
I wanted to say I am so happy to see people positive about the new year! And I hope the e-course is loads of fun. I am looking forward to seeing your paintings!

Katrin said...

Hey, your blogposts appear on my feed again, yay! :D That's a lovely card you made! I'll be sure to print it out and put it on my wall. Sometimes you need a little reminder like that. ♥ I'm looking so forward to seeing the paintings you'll create during that e-course!

nini said...

It didn't show up anywhere so you must have really forgotten to finish it... you busy lady you :) It is a nice change to be so positive about something that is coming, I guess I have forgotten about the feeling in these times when everything seems to be instant.

I will blog about the e-course as I have a feeling it will have a huge impact on my creative outcome next year. Well, I haven't done any paintings ever (ok, only one for a special gift) so it's something really cool for me, and I guess a bit missing too. Because there's that beautiful easel in the basement waiting to be used. I have to set up the painting space so I'll be able to do it anytime I'll want it. That will help too, I'm sure! :)

nini said...

Oooooh yay for the visibility again! :) I think we all need these reminders yes, you put it so well, I just wasn't aware of that until recently. Ha. Learning all the time :)

Norsk Sapphire said...

What a lovely picture. And a shamrock too. It brings luck. So - good luck in your awesome endeavours :)

nini said...

Why thank you Mr. Norsk! ;)

Rachel said...

Hi Nini - a very Happy New Year to you too. Love the picture! I hope you enjoy your course with Alena Hennessy, I did my first e-course with her and really loved it. I guess my inspiration began there really - anyway, have fun!! x

nini said...

Thank you Rachel, and thank you so much for the visit!
It's good to read what you wrote about Alena's e-course.... feels good to be in the right hands :)