Saturday, 12 October 2013


Was it really a month ago when I published my last post? Jeez... I need to master time tweaking a.s.a.p. or things will get even worse :D

Here is a little update on the First Accordion Swap I'm in with 6 of my on-line friends and which I mentioned and explained about here.

I had a chance to draw in three of the books and the art that is already in them is amazing. Two of them are patiently waiting for me to wrap them up and send them on the road again as I've been hoarding them for a bit too long but I guess it was inevitable. I hope I'll be quicker for the next ones but I don't want to rush it. It's about art that will end up in someone else's book and if I want to put a little bit of me in there I just have to wait for the right moment. Here is a sneak peek of my three drawings:

Sometimes I surprise myself with what I come up with or with the way I draw things - it's almost like somebody else did them. I think I'll never end up with just one way of drawing/painting things because that's not who I am, but I know in time, my pieces will definitely get that feel of »me«.

Soni Raj wrote about her experience with these little books and it's really lovely to see her parts of the art made for us. Don't they look pretty?

I am also still participating in ACEO/ATC monthly swaps at willowing. Last month the prompt was »Harvest Moon« and here's what I came up with:

This was my third pair and I think I'll continue with the »double spread way« of making them from now on. I like it because I can tell a little story this way plus I need to make sure they stand well on their own too. It's quite a double challenge and sometimes I like challenges too :)


suzi poland said...

Oh wow Nini, I love the sneak peek. I cant wait to see my book come back to me, but I have loved participating and like you discovered new ways to draw and illustrate in each one as they come to me. It really is an amazing project, something I might have dreamt of but never thought possible. You are wonderful! As for your trading cards for the harvest moon, they are exceptional! I hope you find somewhere to print them or maybe do a whole series with all the moons. I love them.

nini said...

Thank you so much Suzi! It's really mind blowing when you start to think about what is really going on with our little books. They will be holding quite the stories forever.

There are more Moons to illustrate? I had to look up this one and it was nice to discover what it's all about... please tell me which are the other ones... I'm really intrigued now :)

Cindy D. said...

Wow, all this art is terrific! But I am especially in love with your two moon and pumpkin cards, wow! And believe me, I understand missing a couple weeks. I just don't know where they go sometimes. As for swapped books/moleys and things, I haven't joined any because 1. me and deadlines don't get along, and 2. like you say, it's someone's book. I would be too scared to mess up. :D

nini said...

Thank you Cindy, I love receiving your comments :)
There must exist a black hole for time and I shall blame it for every unaccountable lost moment from now on!
Regarding your second reason - with your skills and gorgeous drawings EVERYONE would be happy to have a piece of your art in their book. I am 100% sure of this! :)

Esther Lankhaar said...

Great to see your drawings Nini! The pumpkin and moon drawings are very beautiful too. Did you make them in a sketchbook or on single pieces of paper?

nini said...

Thank you Esther! The little cards were made on two separate pieces of paper (each is 6,3 x 8,8 cm - quite small). But I think I'll be drawing them together from now on and cut them out later, should be easier.

Cindy D. said...

Haha you are too kind! But you only see the better ones. I have so many ugly unfinished sketches and wrecked inks. Like everyone, I bet. :) Oh! I finally answered your question about the horse cards I got in trade (in my new post). Sorry it took so long - I kept meaning to answer but the time got away from me. Just like we were talking about!

nini said...

Well, it's true! And of course we all have our little horrible ones ;) I shall run and have a read asap.... no need to apologize though.