Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's That?

Pen Jam

Weird thing to keep in a jar right? :)  I decided poor neglected pretties needed a much needed bath so I had to leave them like this for a while to get that dried ink out. As soon as the water clears I'll assemble them again and they will be ready to draw. Again. Finally! (I can just hear them say that)

I treated myself some more and ordered Winston&Newton Cotman Studio 45 Half Pan Set of watercolors. I’ve been admiring them for quite a while and I couldn’t resist the price when I saw it. I’m testing a new way of getting things from UK because not all the Amazon sellers ship here. There seems to be a bit of a hiccup with this already but I’m confident we’ll sort things out and they will arrive here quickly. I also ordered two of Winston&Newton sketchbooks (with 170gr paper) so that I really won’t have any excuses left not to draw ;)

ready for Canada

Now I really have to spill the beans about a very cool art project I’m doing with 6 of my on-line friends: Suzi from Australia, Soni Raj and  Sandy from Canada, Yvonne and Esther from Netherlands and Pavinee from Thailand. We decided to make an accordion sketchbook and fill it up with our arts. The sketchbooks will do quite some traveling before they reach all of us but it’s so exciting to read about their current location and what is going on there. I don’t have any of them at the moment but it was really fun and challenging to make mine and think about what to put in it. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out but I shall not share any sneak peeks with you just yet.

I should go and do some seeding now. I bought a couple of packages of poppy seeds when I was in Netherlands because poppies are one of my favourite flowers and I hope to have them on my balcony this year. I bought the huge ones and the small ones - I wonder which of them will grow first.


at-the-attic said...

sweet ♥

nini said...

Esther Lankhaar said...

Even the pen jam looks like an interesting art-project the way you photographed it. ;-)
Do draw in the new sketchbooks and show us please :-).

nini said...

:) Thank you Esther, it's a lot of fun to play around with photos digitally.

I sure will - I just hope I'll get them soon.

Cindy D. said...

Wooooo, hooray for new supplies! And your international project sounds so cool! I look forward to photos of the poppies eventually!

nini said...

oooh yes, the photos of the poppies when they bloom! I hope they will

Katrin said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to your watercolour paintings! :) I would like to buy a proper set myself someday, but I want to wait until I get better with watercolours first.
That art project with your friends is really great! ♥ And poppy seeds, too! :D

nini said...

Well, I'm no expert at watercolors but I have this huge adoration for them ever since I can remember and I decided I needed my third set asap ;)

Poppies are currently not doing well at all. None of the little seeds sprout :/

Jodi Wiley said...

The accordion sketchbook idea is awesome! I can't wait to see the art you guys produce. I just know it will be wonderful. What a treasure!

nini said...

Yay Jodi, I'm really glad you think so! :) I can't wait to see any of the sketchbooks.... I'll be getting them quite far away in the process.

Yvonne said...

Why, oh why, didn't I comment here?? I KNOW I read this post... Never mind, I'm back here now, although a million years late ;)

What sort of pens are those? And are they happy and working again by now? Did you get your watercolours yet, and have you given them a work-out?? :) Haha, I know what you're saying about adoring watercolour sets ;) I've got 3 proper sets, and a box of new and scrumptious liquid watercolours :D I LOVE colourful displays - sets of coloured pencils (yours is still the most impressive :D), crayons, paints... If I can figure out a good (enough, to me, at least ;)) reason, I buy, too ;)

I love your photographic 'evidence', it shows what you're up to in typical Nini-style :D LOVE :) xx

nini said...

Awww, don't worry my dear, any comment anytime is always appreciated!

The pens are from Rotring and are called Art Pens - they use little cartridges and yes, two of them are happily working again - one of them was even with me in Rhodes.

I did get my watercolors but haven't tried them out yet. I think I will in the 20 drawings/paintings thingie that will happen in August. I'd loooove to have as many colors as possible but unfortunately there seems to be a limit at 120 - at least in colored pencils. But they do look so nice together. It's really hard to resist them (but I did resist buying a set of tubed watercolors in one of the odd local supermarkets in Rhodes but I'm still miserable about it - they were so cheap and good looking but I TOTALLY don't need them as I have a brand new set and I haven't even tried it yet :D ) ... Hi, my name is nini and I'm a color addict :D

I'm still kind of experimenting with the photos for my layout but the ones with rounded borders usually take way too many actions to get so I'm kind of switching to "ordinary" ones - but it's hard. So it's nice to read I do have some sort of recognizable style. I'd love to hear what it gives it away if you feel like telling me please. So that I'll stick with it :)