Friday, 28 June 2013


I love surprises (the pleasant ones of course, I feel like I should point this out). I was thinking and observing a lot on our Netherlands journey and came to realize and felt it too, that the Universe does indeed care for us (or the Mighty Force/The One/God, however you choose to call it/her/him). I’ve been reading about it and it did make sense but until it happens to you, you are somehow still an unbeliever.

So I’m saying it here for all to see:

Thank you Universe for everything!

Now, for the next part and since I was talking about surprises - I got another one this week! I received an e-mail from Deborah O’Hare asking me if I was the nini who was chosen from Craftsy to get a free e-course she was so generously giving away on her blog.

Just look at these bags, who wouldn’t like to know how they are made.

After checking up my other mail I discovered that I indeed was the nini in question so hey, I got a free e-course and I’ll be able to make this bag for myself! Isn’t this awsome? The most incredible part of this story is this: when we were on a long hike last Saturday I was collecting little branches and looking at bigger ones because I was thinking about an image from the book I received in Deborah’s previous giveaway!!! Now tell me, isn’t this amazing? I had this book (in .pdf file to be precise) for quite a while and there is a project in there that I really wanted to do but haven’t done yet (it's the three fishes you can see in her post). And now that I got me gorgeous Miss Red it looks like someone thinks I should START DOING instead of just wanting to. And this goes for all the things that have been on my ever growing to-do list! Start doing and stop thinking! :) And cut the time spent on-line. Seriously!

Have you ever noticed the Universe being on your side too? I'd love to read about it, please share.

And for the end, I'm leaving you with this beautiful scene from the hike mentioned above. We went to Triglav Lakes Valley.

Hut between two lakes.

Wishing you all a lovely week-end!

I shall write a blog post about this Quilt As You Go e-class as soon as I finish it.


suzi poland said...

Nini, congrats, that's a great prize to win. I would love to take a walk in that landscape with you, walking always makes me very grateful. Until then I am looking out for yellow umbrellas thinking of you when I do. Serendipity is a wonderful thing ... love your blog clock too.

Deborah OHare said...

I didn't think it could be another Nini, but I had to check as the email address was different:)
Congrats on winning ANOTHER of my giveaways. I look forward
to seeing what you make.

Katrin said...

Yay, congratulations on winning that e-course. Sounds awesome! :) And the scenery from your photo looks sooo beautiful, I wish I could just beam myself there now.

I also liked your thoughts about the Universe. I'm not sure if I ever felt like that myself, but this made me think about it and mabe I will come up with something next time. ^-^

nini said...

Yes you are very right Suzi, walking in beautiful scenery can make wonders.

You seem to have loads of yellow umbrellas around you :) I like that. More things should be yellow.

I like that clock too, you can get it in so many colors. Plus I think it's kind of cool for people to know what's the time over here.

nini said...

I still can't believe it you know. I'm not through with the video yet but what I've seen so far is really cool. Nice technique. And that sewing machine! OMG! Do you have a similar one? You probably do since you are doing the same kind of stitching all over the fabric. Mine is a very basic sewing machine so it'll be a huge challenge to get something remotely resembling what is being taught. I think I'll improvise quite a bit ;)

nini said...

Oh Katrin I'm really happy my post made you think about it because you might see some things now. Or look back in the past and see why things happened the way they did. It's really amazing what you can find.

Cindy D. said...

Wow, that's an astounding photo. I really need to travel a bit! But first I need to make more dough. ;)

Congratulations on your good fortune! I have to say, I don't so much think the universe is necessarily on your side, BUT I do think when you put positive things out into the world, you are more likely to get positive things back. Which is why people should be kind to each other as much as possible. You strike me as a kind person, so there's your proof! (Haha, I don't really think it's proof, but I think reminding people to do positive things is always good!)

nini said...

Oh yes, traveling should be a lot cheaper :)

Yeah, I certainly agree with you that positive yields positive and that we should really all try and be more optimistic and kind for everybody.
Having a really horrible disease or being in an accident certainly can't have you thinking the Universe is on your side. More like the opposite.

But I do honestly believe the Universe cares for us more than we know.

I must also confess that writing this post wasn't easy because I'm afraid I'll jinx everything and things will only go downwards but still. I wanted to say it out "loud" because of the things that happened to me and my family in the past (and no, I did not write about those things here).

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm pretty sure it's "takes one to know one" thing :)

Esther Lankhaar said...

Hi Nini! So great you won that free e-course!! Definitely an encouragement from the universe to stop thinking and start creating :-).
I'm totally in with you on the matter of the universe. We are taken care of, if you're aware of it you"ll notice it more and more, little things, big things.
I should have written all the examples down of the help of the universe, can't remember all. But one thing for example I've experienced is that when I was thinking very hard about whether to buy a good camera or not last year, my cousin offered me to lend me her Nikon. When I was thinking about how on earth I should learn to work with photoshop, I put a wish about it in my wish-jar and the next morning I found an offer in my e-mail box for a good but inexpensive e-course. Need I say more?
May the universe be with you to follow your dreams Nina!

nini said...

Oh wow Esther! Thank you so much for sharing your your stories! I remember you told me about the photoshop e-course... that was really so soooo neat!

And I completely agree with you, when we start becoming aware of it we'll notice it more and more. It doesn't matter how big these things are, it's always good to know they are here.

May the Universe stay with you as well Esther! In creative and personal matters.

manomine said...

oh yes, the Universe/life wants to be loved and always loves you back, always! And the more that love grows, the more amazing things happen. I'm saying this from non religious point of view :)
Have you heard or maybe even read 'The Magic of Believing' by Claude Bristol? Wonderful little book about the powers of our minds/subconscious, actions... just on the subject of the Universe ;)
Congratulations on winning that prize! Have fun!
Ant those amazing mountains in the picture, wow... breathtaking (literally!)! I'm trying to picture myself there, but can only see myself in the valley admiring the view from bellow! :)) Still, I hope to one day see those Alps in real.

nini said...

I haven't heard of this book but I'll look it up. Sounds like a little treasure to have and read in weird times so thank you for telling me about it.

The class was really nice, lot's of useful info. All I have to do now, is make the bag :) Still need quite some supplies for that.

About the mountains - if you ever come to this area just let me know. I'll gladly take you around! :) We have less "breathtaking" hikes too, still beautiful but just not that "edgy" :)

Yvonne said...

Yes - totally with you on the Universe provides-thing :) It's like - if you notice it, and are grateful - acknowledge it, it happens again and again :) Beautiful :D Oh, and Esther's wishjar story gave me a chill - amazing stuff :) I keep mentioning the wish jar and I think about it, too, but I don't use it... I don't know why - something deep down is afraid for asking, I think - and it's alongside knowing that the Universe DOES provide, in magic ways, even if you DON'T ask... You think it's got something to do with being brought up with the idea that asking is impolite? Hmm. Food for thought :)

LOVE that this win came along so shortly after you got Miss Red :D That's a definite nudge telling you to use her :D Can't wait to see what you sew up - that bag is gorgeous - for art supplies, & all ;)

nini said...

Oh, tell me about the wish jar... I sort of made it - not really - but use that box for totally different things. I might have the same problem as you only in a different sort of way - afraid things I'll put in will come true as in "I don't deserve them". Definitely food for thought!

I totally agree with you about the bag being extremely gorgeous and can absolutely see it suitable for art supplies. Do you ever use big bags? This one is actually pretty big if you follow the pattern as is.