Friday, 10 May 2013

Hello :)

Feels like yesterday since my last post but it's been almost a month! Gosh. I really dislike time sneaking off like this.

I feel I should mention my little 5 day getaway at the beginning of this month. We visited Omiš for a climbing type of vacation. We were there along our colleagues from the climbing school and it was such a pleasant getaway. The weather was beautiful, summer was already there and everything was in bloom like in spring time. Quite interesting to have two seasons at the same time.

This photo is my favourite one - it captures the essence of this old little town. Hidden gardens amongst cute rock built houses.

This view was shot while in the middle of our climbing route. We had this beautiful valley below us all the time.

I think we shall return next year to enjoy this beautiful place once more as there are still loads of routes left to be explored. Not to mention the river or all those hills surrounding the place.

And these are the cards that surprised me in April and May. The left one is from Fern S. and the right one from Helen A. N.. Aren't they cool? It's sooooo nice to be surprised like this. Which is why I still feel awkward for not sending anything out to Esther yet. But I will Esther! I said I will and you shall be surprised too ;)


Esther Lankhaar said...

:-D It's absolutely fine Nini! All on it's own time....:-)
Sounds like a great climbing trip you had, beautiful surroundings!

nini said...

Thank you Esther, so much!


Cindy D. said...

Welcome back, nini! I completely understand time getting away from you, in life and especially in blog time. Wonderful to hear you had good weather for your trip, and that photo of the town is really cool! If the buildings were a bit less modern, I would think it was a fairy tale village.

nini said...

Hello Cindy, great to read from you as well :)
It was truly splendid and since time runs differently in those parts of the world one can feel like in fairy land quite often :)

Katrin said...

Lovely pictures, you seem to have had a really nice trip! I'm going away next weeking, too. I can't wait! :)

And what pretty cards you got there! ♥

nini said...

Oooh, where will you be going Katrin? I wish you great times and I hope you'll take some photos too! :)

Thank you for the visit and your kind words.

Yvonne said...

Hah, time warps - oh yes ;) Totally familiar with those ;) I love the photos you shared of your trip, really makes me want to get away to a place with rocks, mountains, streams - not on the cards though, this year... Don't get me wrong, I love the place I live in, but let's say you appreciate it more if you get to get out at times, too ;)
I love how you displayed the cards, that's an interesting little rack with hooks :)

nini said...

Oh I understand you perfectly - about getting away to appreciate more when you return. I'm lucky to live in a country where we have a sample of everything. But I still crave for the things we don't have, like those beautiful cliffs at the ocean sides.

My little rack with hooks is actually explained in this post - And I'm glad to read it looks interesting to you :)

Helen A Naylor said...

Coming home is always wonderful. Especially when there are surprises.

nini said...

Oh yes. So true :) Thank you again!