Friday, 8 March 2013

Receiving Week

I haven't been creatively active for the past two weeks now and I must say this fact is making me quite miserable. I really hope I'll get back into my flow soon. Very soon :)

But I do have happy things to tell about.

First, out of nowhere, I got this beautiful envelope in my real mail box:


Inside, there was this gorgeously drawn house, drawn and sent to me by Esther from Netherlands. Esther is my online friend that I met through e-course I participated in last year - Creative Courage. She has her blog named Esther is drawing and is a very creative person too :) Just look at her house:


I have yet to come up with the idea about what to send back to her but I'll get it. I know I will :D

The second thing that came to me was the mail I was anxiously waiting for ever since I sent my little sketchbook back to Brooklyn. It is now part of digital library for The Sketchbook Project 2013 and you can browse through it's pages RIGHT HERE..

nini's Sketchbook Project 2013

I kept it a secret for so long because I wanted to surprise my dear sweet friend Toi who made and sent Lavlav to me. He was my big inspiration for the book and still continues to put a smile on my face every time I look at him.

Please leave a comment on my book if you like it, it would mean a world to me.


Katrin said...

Hihi Nini, I followed your link on Deviantart! I'm happy to see you here on blogspot!
Yay for arttrades! Esther's drawing is really lovely, I need to visit her blog afterwards. ♥ I've also just done an arttrade with a friend, isn't it great to have artist friends and get drawings in your mail box? :) I'm glad I'm surrounded by so many creative people.
And wow, you participated in the sketchbook project! That's awesome!
Yours, Katrin ♥

Esther Lankhaar said...

Ah, thank you Nini, I'm mentioned in your blog: I feel so proud and honoured :-).
I took a second look at your sketchbook and it's absolutely adorable.

nini said...

Hello Katrin,
I'm so glad you decided to visit. You are my first visitor from dA that I know of :) (or at least the first one who took time to leave a comment)

Yes! I find it quite incredible to have this kind of opportunity for being surrounded by creative friends from all over the world. And even if we'll never meet you still get to have them "present" in their little thoughtful presents.

You should sign up for the Sketchbook Project too! It's fun fun fun :)

I hope I'll see you again.


nini said...

eeeem, well... ammm, I feel proud and honored too! :D thank you!

I'm so glad you like my sketchbook. Is yours online yet? I should check it out....

Esther Lankhaar said...

I haven't heard anything about my sketchbook being online yet.I have to go figure out what's going on...You're supposed to get an e-mail when it's online right?

nini said...

I didn't get notice about it, they just published that all of the sketchbooks were loading up this week so I was checking every day.

nini said...

I checked and it's up! It has to align with the other side as well (it's half missing right now).

And it's gorgeous from what I've seen so far! I wish they made the images bigger so we could enjoy viewing all the details. I'll check back tomorrow to see if it's all up :)

Cindy D. said...

The little house is adorable. Getting mail like that is the best! And I am sorry to hear about your miserable weeks but of course that happens to all of us from time to time and I hope you are feeling better!

Your sketchbook project book is terrific! Wow! That bunny is so, soooo cute. I think my favorite page is the teacup and the bunny. But the bunny looking at the snow, too, and the whole story is just adorable! Congratulations! :)

nini said...

Oh Cindy, thank you so much for these words! My favourite spread is also the teacup one, it just draws you in ... or maybe it's because of the happy yellow color :)

And yes, getting art via mail is the best!

Christian said...

amazing photos :)
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Lea Hladky Turk said...

First of all: The little house is adorable.

I really hope I'll get back into my flow soon too. I was ill for 2 weeks. Still fell very exhausted. Hope the spring will wake me up. And wish you that creative passion will owerflow you soon.

nini said...

Oh Lea, I hope you feel better already and that your muse returned as well.

Thank you for the visit and the comment!

Lea Hladky Turk said...

Still not OK. Miss my creative passion.

nini said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Lea. I hope the sun (when it comes) lights you up and starts your creative flame.

Yvonne said...

Hej Nini :) Missed out on quite a bit of goodness here while I was off dealing with gremlins, and I'll be back to catch up, but needed to leave a comment here straight away!! I LOVE your sketchbook :D I can totally understand why you don't want to pick and choose one art form to stick to, because you do everything so WELL!! I had no idea you could draw like that :D I love the story and everything you 'got up to';) I love your coloured pencil work and the mixed media bits; the flowered background on slide 5, the (yogi?) tea label on 6 (some of those 'profound wisdoms' make no sense and make me smile, but this one is quite true ;)), I love how you used the seasons, love the gnomes behind the mushrooms, the beautiful cookies, and Lavlav sleeping off his sugar rush :D And last but not least, the old-fashioned type font you used for text :) Great, great work!!
And Esther's house is lovely - we could all do with a holiday in a Happy House from time to time... Let's all meet there and make art together :D x

nini said...

Heeej Ivonne! I'm so glad to receive another of your thoughtful comments - I missed them you know :)

Thank you very very much for everything you wrote about my little sketchbook; I miss it now, too bad it was meant to be sent away. And about me doing everything so well.... awwww... this kind of praise just melts my heart - thank you for brightening my days!

As for the meet - totally doable in June! :) I'd love to meet you both and why not make it into an art appointment with tea and sweets :)

Mia said...

What a lovely story Nini! I've been piling some ideas for my own picture book, now I really want to start making one! Inspiration is a wonderful thing, you just passed it on! ;)

nini said...

Oh Mia, that's a wonderful thing! It's almost out of the world thing to me that you found inspiration on my pages! I'll be watching your blog for the future book like a hawk now ;)