Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday No.3

It's Wednesday already which means brand new photos are in order. It's going to be only one this time as I have been busy with all sorts of other things. More like "boring real life" things. That take up way too much time. But at least I managed to make a teeny tiny progress on the smaller box from last week's photo. I hope I'll be able to offer more soon as the thing needs to be done like yesterday! Wish me luck!

wip box 3

Thank you! :)


Yvonne said...

Ah! The box! Is this on its way to becoming a light box? I love the texture, this could make a very interesting background to photograph your lovely critters :)

(sorry for not being so present in my email inbox these days... pick and choose, as it is everywhere in life... Love your returns on my comments! Thinking of you and sending lots of creative energy your way! xo!)

nini said...

Hello Yvonne! I'm really glad you popped in and I'm always uber happy to receive a comment from you but please, don't feel bad for not having the time to do so. I understand. No problem at all. There will definitely be more posts in the future ;)

As for the box goes, nope, this is not going to be the light box. It's just a shot of a very small progress I made on the smaller box I mentioned in my previous WIP Wednesday post. But I managed to finish it yesterday so I'll post it soon :)

Thank you for all the creative energy and positive thoughts! I hope all is well with you and yours and that you just had one of those time glitches ;)


and you know, you really are not far off with your suggestion about this box looking good for background :D you'll see why soon :)