Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WIP Wednesday No.2

It's Wednesday already which means another sneak peak onto my work area.

wip box 2

This time, there are boxes on it. At the back it's a small tall shaped one that will be the box in which Mr. Cat and Mr. Fish will be traveling to their new home. In front, it's the cardboard fruit basket that I decided to embellish a little while testing out stuff I have never tried before. Like using home made stamps for instance.

wip box 1

I'm not sure I'll end up using stamps though. Not sure (as usually) what to put on it but I'll get it. It's practice piece, doesn't have to be perfect. Right? Right! :)


Yvonne said...

Right! Totally! Good for you, to make practise pieces :D I usually go in cold, and expect a finished product at the end. Imagine my frustration at times ;) Looking forward to see what comes out of this - what are you practising for? Or are you playing with the new technique, more than anything else? Love seeing what you've got cooking - it's always a total surprise to see what you're up to next :D

nini said...

Hehe... :) I'm terribly like you in expecting everything to come out perfect the first time. So this, me saying it's a practice piece, is a way to shut up my inner critic and just try to have fun. It's not really working out (but shhh, don't tell it to anyone) but I'm guessing with my persistence I should get somewhere. I should be able to get in touch with myself one day and just enjoy the process. That's what I'm really hoping for.

I'm glad I manage to surprise you with my posts.... at least for now :) They'll get similar too soon :/

And thank you so much for commenting.