Monday, 28 January 2013

Little Stool

I've been working on a little stool I mentioned in my previous post. And as Yvonne suggested I'll write a bit more about my challenge :)
This was a very simple little stool made from wood (pine I guess). I know I took the photo of it to have for future before/after reference but it looks like I didn't download it off my card before I erased all the images from it. So here's a little sketch to illustrate what it looked like before.


The first thing I knew I wanted to do was to add a shelf because I wanted it to be able to hold a little drawer. After I glued the shelf on I covered some of the more visible scratches and painted it with primer. Then the months of being unable to settle on an idea followed. Eventually I came up with a plan to draw some roses on top and dotted pattern under them. Kinda vintage style. But I just couldn't paint it light blue.... too cold for me.... and I couldn't get taupe color out of my system so I went for it. And this simple leafy pattern seemed to be the only thing I could see on it. I mean, I know it would look perfect with some giant bright roses painted on or some other flowers but it looks like I'm in the mood for quieter things lately. And I've been drawn to watercolors forever so I guess these are the reasons why the thing looks like it does. But I do like it and that’s what matters, right?

Little Stool I

I decided I'll try just 3 shops to see if I'll be able to find a sort of a wickerwork box to use and to my surprise I got more than I wanted. I got this adorable lined handmade box that is almost perfect for this stool so there was no thinking about how to actually make one and what to draw on it and how to finish it and..... Case solved, finished, done. I can move on now. Yay! :)

Little Stool II

I just really really hope it will be loved in it’s old home.


Lea Hladky Turk said...

Like this stool very much. I did something simillar in august.

nini said...

Why thank you! I'm off to see your project asap :)

Fern Spackman said...

Wow Nini! This little stool looks great. I love the taupe colour and the leaf pattern. Very nice. Thanks for taking the time to write more about your challenge. :)

Esther Lankhaar said...

Lovely Nini!!

nini said...

Thank you so much for commenting Fern. I guess I should write more but I'm not such a great writer plus I always feel I have nothing to tell.... or that what I'm about to tell is just horribly boring.

nini said...

Thank you Esther!

Yvonne said...

:) love the sketch :D
And this is amazing - it looks like it came walking out of one of those home magazines with interiors I can only dream of because I'm nowhere near as handy as you are ;) Somehow, the idea of translating my paint-on-paper to the 'real world' of furniture and home is totally daunting to me - or maybe I'm just lazy?? ;)
I LOVE your little stool, love the shelf and the basket, and love the natural soft colours and little leaves! Well done, and thank you for showing it off!!

suzi poland said...

you are so clever, Love this.

nini said...

you can see the sketch, right? or is it not showing (I don't really know because I loaded it differently)

as for the rest of your comment... I'm really laughing right now, I love your "it looks like it came walking out of one of those home magazines" sentence.... hahaha.... so so cool
this is such a wonderful statement that makes me giggle and at the same time makes me feel good about my work.... so... thank you very very much

aha! basket is the correct word, I knew there was something strange about what I used :D

and another thing, I'm pretty sure your drawings would look great on real life objects, who knows.... maybe there will be something done in this direction for your little one, that could be pretty awsome, don't you think?

I'm looking forward to your next comment already ;)

nini said...

Thank you Suzi, this means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Iiii Nini :-) Love this piece :-)

nini said...

Thank you Kaja! I'll gladly make one for you if you'd want me to :)