Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013!

We are already in the new year and I'd like to wish you a happy, peaceful one full of creativity, love and well being. The kind we'd look upon with fond memories in the future.

I've been rather busy in December hence the lack of postings (as if I usually post regularly *giggle*). My main occupation was - and still is - my little sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project. I can't believe how hard it is to work on it and how much struggle one has with a project like this. Unbelievable. Really.

Sweet Tooth 

I also baked quite a few batches of cookies to have at hand and Lavlav seemed to enjoy them too :)

I'm hoping for a great year this year, mainly in creativity department. I'd love to open my Etsy shop and draw much much more. Maybe even blog a bit more and redesign my web page so it will host things together like lots of you have it. Yes, that would be all very awsome.

I treated myself with two presents in December. First one was a little basic Overlock sewing machine and the second one is sort of an e-course in which I'll be sewing a little soft toy. This shall begin soon so I'll have to finish my sketchbook asap to be able to fully enjoy it. I'm kind of anxious to try my new machine too as it's still in the box patiently waiting for me to have time for it.

wip 1

I'm leaving you with a view of my working desk as I find it rather happy looking :)  And don't be afraid to leave me a comment and tell me what your wishes for 2013 are.



t ♥ said...

ahoy there! :)
awww, lavlav ♥ what a lovely little creature he is, with the cookies and spying from your pencil case. i miss him just a tiny little bit hihi

i'd love to have an overlock sewing machine. i've always wanted one! mine is a regular one that never sewed very well to begin with D :

can't wait for our little workshop to start. three more days, exciting ♥

suzi poland said...

Hi Nini, I really wish you a Happy and Creative New Year. Thanks for all your support. It has been wonderful to meet and share so much with you. I look forward to seeing your Sketchbook, drawings and textiles too. :D

Kitty Vane said...

Very happy 2013 to you too!

Those cookies look delicious, as does Lavlav. :D
I hope your sketchbook project goes well, it seems like a wonderful thing to be a part of, and what I've seen of your contribution to it so far has been lovely!
A huge big hooray for sewing! I'm really looking forward to what wonders you'll come up with.

Oh and a huge big hurrah for opening up an Etsy shop too! :)

nini said...

well hello my friend!

I know you miss him a little bit and that's why I show him to you every now and then so you know he is alright :)

our regular sewing machine is giving me a bit of trouble as well, I hope it won't quit on me completely ... that would be really bad especially now that we'll be having our workshop.... for which I had no idea that it'll start so soon O_o I have to finish my sketchbook really fast now..... o boy..... o boy....

nini said...

Thank you so much Suzi!
I always mean what I write and I'm really grateful for your support too.
I hope I'll be able to deliver now that I let it out loud if you know what I mean.... that I won't just fantasize about sewing and drawing but I'll go and actually make it happen.


I shall publish the link to my sketchbook as soon as they'll put it online

nini said...

My dear Finnish friend, thank you so much.

I have to make something first before I open my shop but I do hope I'll have the energy for it this year. I need to. Wish I had somebody here to craft with me but well... at least you guys are online for me when I need you and I'm really grateful for this.

Have a safe trip, I know The Day is approaching fast :)
And take a lot of photos so you'll be able to make a looooong post about your journey when you return.

Take care and all the best.

t ♥ said...

i know, it's starts like right now! and i have so much work to do yet D: but we'll manage, i know we will :)

i've been thinking that lavlav needs to have an estranged sister, don't you think? hihihi

nini said...

right now? o boy!.....

estranged sister? hehe ..... or even better a lovely cousin who likes to bake cookies and makes wonderful tea that he would just really REALLY like to visit one day... how about that? *hint hint*

I also know he is going to need a girlfriend soon, he is growing up so quickly :D (I actually have things in mind for her, so you see... lavlav is truly an inspiration)

suzi poland said...

thanks Nini, please do. I worked more on mine today, it's coming together with only days to spare! Nice to share this with you. :D

Yvonne said...

Happy, happy, creative and inspired 2013 to you, too! It sounds like you've got a lovely lot of creative goals planned for the near future :) Love your photos, love your work space - that coloured pencil display still makes me happy to look at :)

My goal for 2013 is - to be present more, in everything I do. To start with intent and to connect more. I know what you're saying in the comment above - it would be lovely to share work space with someone creative - to mutually inspire, but indeed the internet... :) Which is why I need to be here more - and not like a lot of people, less ;)

I wish you happy creativity - and lots of it :)

nini said...

Hello Yvone

Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your kind words. Being on the net is tricky business, one must be very careful to not get sucked in too much but I have yet to master this kind of behavior ;) I'm way too much on-line and way too distracted by so many wonderful things out there.... and blogs.... and tutorials... and and and... the list is just never ending.

I like your goal - to be more present in everything you do. This happens automatically when we are working with our heart completely open but it's something one needs to keep practicing. At least I know I have to.

And since you like my pencil display so much I think I will send you a postcard of it so you'll be able to hang it somewhere to look at when you'll be in need of something happy. What do you think? :)

All the best to you and lots of happy creative days too.

Esther Lankhaar said...

Hi Nini, All the best for you too for 2013 and I'm looking forward to seeing your sketchbook.
Your desk looks nice!

nini said...

Thank you Esther! Twice :)
I think we should have a little sketchbook show over at the CC since there are so many of us participating.