Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2013

I jumped into this project as soon as I found about it, back in September that was. I got hooked up on the idea and I just HAD to participate. What to draw in it came quickly too and I was really happy that I decided to participate. After that I was plotting about the pages in my mind and anxiously awaiting the little book to arrive. After quite the wait I finally got my hands on it and I must confess I was a little disappointed. The pages were so thin there was no way I could use watercolors in it and I really wanted to. So this was my first set back. The second one was when I realized I can’t really make it the way I envisioned it in my mind. And I got anxious and time passing by as quickly as it does these days did not help either. 

What to do? Do I have another idea? What are others doing? Better not look too much as seeing those gorgeous works puts me off from mine as my work can never be that good. Oh yes, all the usual things one feels and sees when put in front of a project that looks too big to accomplish. But wasn’t this supposed to be fun?

After all the fears of messing up and not even wanting to draw a single line in it I’m still struggling but I did manage to fill up 3 pages by now and I decided I’ll take it slowly. I’ll try to fill it in step by step even if it won’t look the way I wanted it. Because I want to relax a bit and have fun with it. Because I know I’ll be sooooo happy when I’ll reach its last page.

 Sketchbook Project 2013 - I

Here is one of the pages, not quite finished yet as I need to come up with text and background but I’m really glad I’m at least going somewhere :) 


Fern Spackman said...

What you've done so far looks great! : )

suzi poland said...

Nini, mine has not turned up yet, so I'm super impressed with the work you have done already. I have no idea yet what I will do. I hope to stay in the moment with it, but I have a few other ideas. I have heard the same complaints about the thickness of the paper especially for those who like to do mixed media. Apparently there is a guide on their website if you want to re-bind it using your own paper. I myself will be happy to just play along. It's such a lovely project to be part of.

Art by Wiley said...

Oh WOW! This is a fantastic page! You have certainly overcome the limitations of the book. Yes, aren't the pages thin?! I only ever use a minimal watercolour wash on them, and even that's often too much. Oh well, have to work within the constraints. Although last year, I actually did re-bind it with watercolour paper. I couldn't be bothered this year! I'm just trying to work out, have you created this page only with colour pencil? And maybe ink pen? Anyway, it looks amazing. Can't wait to see the rest.

nini said...

Thank you so much!

nini said...

Oh, the waiting period... horrible especially since it's already December and there are so many other things to do or to take care of :)
I haven't seen any re-binding tips but I'll have a look next year, if I decide to participate again - that is if I manage to finish this one. This paper is definitely bad for mixed media but I guess gluing other papers in it could solve the problem.
I hope you'll get your book soon and that you'll have great time with it.
Thank you so much for commenting too.

nini said...

Thank you so much Wiley! I'll be going in a different direction from this page on (at least I think I will :) ) and I'd love to have a glue that doesn't make the paper wet (somehow I haven't find it yet, except for the one in spray can but those are so big and really not nice for smaller things). I did a test with watercolors on this paper and it really distorts it, even if I tried with watercolor pencils so I know exactly what you mean. And yes, I used only color pencils and micron pen here.

Was it difficult to re-bind? How were you able to cut the papers to the exact size of the cover, and those curved edges? I'd love to do it too but I'll leave it for next year if I'll participate again.

Thank yo so much for coming over and commenting.

Kitty Vane said...

I haven't heard of the Sketchbook Project before, but it sounds like a great project! How does it work, does each participant get a whole sketchbook to fill and what happens to the sketchbooks once they're done?

You page looks really great! I never could get the hang of colouring pencils myself, so I'm always impressed to see someone use them so well. :)

Valerie Brown said...

I really like the drawing you've shown! My Sketchbook project book looks like a non-sketcher is doing it!! ha, ha... I am enjoying myself though, even if it feels like I'm on a very tight deadline!

I have used some light/dryish watercolor applications - of course the page buckles but I figure it is a sketchbook after all not a piece of fine art. As well, I've had success with acrylic paints (once again not overly wet) - surprisingly the paper seems to stand up fairly well.

nini said...

You can read about the Sketchbook Project here - http://www.arthousecoop.com/

I only heard about it this year but it has been around longer. You could so participate next year or even this year as the way I see it on the page, you can still get the sketchbook (and yes, you buy the sketchbook from them, decide if you want them to digitize it (which is simply a must so people from all over the world can find it online) after you finish it and send it back to them). And then they travel around in the van and everyone can come and look at the sketchbooks.

And thank you so much for your lovely comments. I always liked coloring pencils and there can never be enough colors for me to buy :D There is a huge difference between cheaper and more expensive brands. Maybe you should treat yourself with a nice pack and give it another try.

nini said...

Hahaha, yes, I seem to be very non-sketching person or at least I don't think my real sketches are meant to be seen by others :)

I'd love to see one of your pages! I hope you'll be posting it somewhere and letting me know about it.

Good to know about the acrylics too, thank you for sharing.

And thank you for coming here and commenting.

Anonymous said...

lol, i've had my book since february and haven't even opened it yet! maybe you'll inspire me ;)

mijbil said...

Well, so far it looks awesome, no need to worry at all! :D
Good luck with your project and big hugs from Sweden! :)

Koosje Koene said...

The fear of messing up - Oh yeah, I've got it too!! The hardest part is over: You've started! And what a bright and colourful start. Don't stop here, it's fantastic and it will grow to be even more fantastic when you finish the last page and actually send in the sketchbok!

nini said...

Since February? OMG.... well, I hope you will open it soon ;)

nini said...

Awww, thank you so much for saying so and even more for the visit and and the hugs! (I adore Sweden btw :)

nini said...

I started yes, I jumped in the cold waters and now I'm learning to swim :)

Thank you so much for the encouragement Koosje!


Cindy D. said...

This page looks terrific, very fun and colorful! My own sad tale is I that I got the book last year, worried over it for two months or so, only did about three pages and gave up! (I use Copic markers and tried to use the bleed-through image in a new image... which was going ok but I struggled!) If you can add new paper I think you might be much happier. I probably should have done that!

In any case, good luck with it! I suspect a lot of folks like me do not finish. But you're off to a great start! One thing I've seen is that some folks don't do a whole masterpiece on each page. Some pages just have a related sketch or maybe some color variations, with the little masterpieces in between.

nini said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I love your bright and happy drawings and I was shocked to read you weren't able to finish you sketchbook.

I'm sure that for Copics it would be almost necessary to rebind it as I can't imagine drawing anything at all with them on this thin paper. But your plan to use the bleed-through for a new image was fantastic. Oh how I'd love to see it done!

I did manag to get some more pages done and I'm cheating a bit too :) I've seen some artists sent back unfinished books and they were scanned so this is my contingency plan :D But I hope I'll manage and pull it through. I just have to!

hope to read you again

Cindy D. said...

Oh, it's not so shocking. It's my poor time management skills! I tried to do too many things at once at that time. I still think it's a really cool project and I know you can do it! If I remember correctly, not everyone had the same number of pages, so don't freak out over the last few - write a related poem or maybe write down your thoughts about the project. :)

I've marked this page to come back, but don't be shy about visiting my place either! ;)

nini said...

Awww, I'm so glad you remembered to have a look at my answer (when I get comments with a non-reply email I'm always a bit sad because I'm not sure people will see my reply).

I'm adding you to my blogwatch and I'll try not to be so shy ;)

As for the sketchbook goes, I already took out two spreads (the first one was for testing and the second one was for downsizing) so you can see I'm not that worried about the page count :D It's really too bad you didn't have time to finish yours as it is a great project but maybe you can do one next year.