Thursday, 6 September 2012

Illustration Friday - Identical

It's been really too long since my last drawing. My Project 52 is absolutely a failure and I guess I just can't keep up with my own goals :( Or maybe the problem lies in the setting of the goal per se. I mean, if I could take it as lightly as children can, I'd probably be able to do it, to keep up with it because I'd enjoy it immensely. I honestly wish I'd be able to do it like that.

Here is a little something that was going through my mind ever since guys from Illustration Friday posted this week's theme - Identical. Well, to be honest, I did have more ideas but this one stuck with me for the longest time:


What do you think?


Yvonne said...

Haha, I love this :D Love the mind jump - your interpretation is very original :)
& so is your style!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Fun illustration style here - I like her coat and the outer edges of the illustration as if its a little spotlight.

nini said...

Thank you so much Yvonne! It feels really good to read your comment.

nini said...

You are so right about the spot light thingie. I didn't see it this way but now that you mentioned it I shall make it even more visible next time I do something similar. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it immensely.

Jane Blogs said...

I've tried so many times to set myself a schedule with art memes like 29 faces and Project 52 & I've never yet managed to keep it up for more than a few days!
Guess we just have to take the inspiration as it comes :)

nini said...

Oooh, it's good to know there are others out there too :) Thank you for the comment and the visit.

This post that I read earlier today made so much sense that I think we all need to see it. Do check it out, you'll understand everything then :) --> CLICK

suzi poland said...

lovely fresh illustration with a clever take on the theme. :) You are welcome to join my 1000 words for Summer or 420 Characters for something less obliging than Project 52. :)

nini said...

Thank you so much Suzi, hearing about fresh and clever take makes my heart sing.

I'll give your projects a look, anything non-obliging always sounds so much better :)

Kitty Vane said...

I'm sorry to hear that your Project 52 wasn't a success. But at least you gave it a go, and now you know that much better what works for you and what doesn't when it comes to such projects.
I failed my 365 Pictures project (the idea was to take a photo every day for a year) even before I'd gotten halfway through it, so you're not alone in setting goals that you just can't reach. All you can do is learn from it and move on to the next project, in the hopes that this time it'll be something you CAN see through to the end. :)

I really like your illustration, it looks like something out of a children's book. :)

nini said...

Yes, you are so right. It's much better to learn from it than being angry with one self. And it really does feel much better to know I'm not alone :)

About the illustration - I couldn't be happier with your comment. Thank you very much my dear.