Monday, 12 March 2012

Fan Art

I never did a fan art piece before but when I stumbled upon Gennine's blog filled with gorgeously painted birds and moths and butterflies and painted stones I was hooked. Even more so, when I found her “Watch Me Paint” posts which make you want to start painting straight away.

So I decided to change her Free Embroidery Pattern a bit and gave her style a try:

Gennine's Bird

I must confess - it is definitely not as easy as it looks on the video. I’m glad I gave it a try because I learned these two major things:
- use quality paper (I actually used a bottom of a box of chocolates because it was stiffer than the papers I have at home and because the papers I have wear out immediately (in spite the fact they are watercolor papers))… but… using this resulted in nice chocolaty smells and the paper didn’t fray at all… kinda good in the end though
- use BIG paper because you will draw a bigger picture and you will (probably) have less problems with painting those white lines in the end

If you haven’t seen Gennine’s art before have a look at her Art Blog. It’s inspiring beyond words.


Geninne said...

Thank you so much Nini, I'm very honored. You did a great job!

nini said...

Awwww Gennine, thank you so much. Your words made my day :)


Anonymous said...

wow! That's lovely! I love Gennine's works! I could not find her blog for a year (i forgot to add it to my bookmarks when i saw it first).. her paintings remind me of Frida Kahlo's paintings, but without the sad part :)
Szilvia from deviantart :)))

nini said...

O hello Szilvia!

I'm really glad I could be of help with my little post.
The thing I like most about her works is the positivity they emit.