Friday, 15 April 2011

Creatures from the Wheel

I promised to upload some more things I made in my pottery class. First one is a mini baking dish. The practice side of this was making that cone in the middle. The "usual" size for such dishes is about 40-50 cm in diameter and they are used to make potica. That's why I'm calling mine a mini one (only 15 cm across :) ) It's not coated with clear glaze yet.


Next thing is really A Thing. It was another practice with double wall dish but at one point it started to collapse. Since I liked it I went on with it for as long as I could. I think it would make a great ashtray but since I don't smoke I'll have to figure out what to do with it.


The last one is another flop which I think I managed to pull off brilliantly :D

happy pot

I'd like to color them all with glazes so that they will hold water and could actually be useful for something.


Katrina said...

There's something that always draws me into your work and I believe it is the shapes and curves which these all show off brilliantly.

When you glaze the first one, will you make the aforementioned Potica with it? I sure hope you do! Not only does it look yummy, a mini one would look cute too! I could imagine it turning out really well.

The middle one, I have to say is my favourite. I think i can imagine this, when glazed, to hold perhaps some small flowers in the middle with pebbles surrounding it in the 'tray' part. It is too awesome to be an ashtray!

And the third one, with its cute bobbles. I don't know how big/small it is but i reckon i could see this with wrapped sweets/candy! Yum!

...i think i have food on the brain.


nini said...

Thank you Katrina so much for stopping by and writing all the lovely comments (we all need feedback and reading something written so nicely is just, well, overwhelming).

I don't think I'll ever bake a mini potica in the first one as it would be just too much work but I agree with you, it would look cute :)

The idea about what could be in the second one is very nice only one problem stands in the way - there is no bottom in the middle (I know, you can't see it from the photo).

And the last one could indeed hold the sweets (only too dangerous to be in my vicinity). Somebody suggested having it for soup and I think eating breakfast from it would be cool also.

But it looks like they are all far away from being glazed yet.

Katrina said...

Mmmm soup... great idea - safer than the sweets!

Why so far away from being glazed?

Also, i'm getting a slight itch for making ceramics now! Looking forward to another post :D

nini said...

Ahhhh the glazing. It's rather difficult not to mention the need for the oven :/ I mean, it's not that hard to glaze but you need to glaze near the oven so you can move glazed objects as soon as you can into it otherwise glaze falls off (it's not like coloring at all, when you glaze sth already baked the glaze turns into sort of dust and you can rub it off quickly).

You have to try ceramics! Now I'm all eager to see how it'll turn out for you.