Wednesday, 1 December 2010


She finally arrived! My Pullip doll originally called Lunatic Queen. I named her Lunica (but not to be pronounced with k but c).

It was kind of hard to take photos in this gloomy weather so I decided to use my vintage SX-70 Polaroid and see what will come out. It looks like that if you take photos of cute things they do come out nicely (or I see it differently as I'm biased and all :D )


I'm really excited about making some clothes for her. I think I'll start with a long coat probably with a hoodie (yes, I'm into hoodies these days :D ). I hope it's not too much of a goal for me. Well, we will see, correct?


Kitty Vane said...

Hooray! She's arrived! :D
Dolls are wonderful things, and making clothes for them is lots of fun, if a bit fiddly at times. :)

The Puchi Collective has a lot of nice basic patterns for Blythe clothes (Blythes and Pullips are pretty similar in shape and size, you should be able to use these patterns for Lunica no problem) that are worth checking out:
Also have a look for Doll Coordinate Recipe books, they have lots and lots of patterns for Blythe (that will also work for Pullips) and good instructions too.

nini said...

Thank you Aerika, I will have a look right away (it's quite impossible to be all serious right now :))