Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hanging Things

I've been working on bird houses lately. I tried and tried to come up with that beautiful form and make enough of them to give away for Christmas but I guess my goal was to ambitious. I did make a couple of them but I have a feeling they will be more of ornamental value. I'll hang them up of course and let the birds decide. They might surprise me :)


Anyways, here is one of them. Unfortunately the thing broke while drying from coloring and to think I wanted to have it all white (but then I decided to try something new and it resulted in catastrophe). Fortunately it didn't break to pieces so we still baked it and I was able to assemble it. There are others I need to take photos of as well. Not looking like this one.


I think you all know this. It's Ikea's lamp from Regolit series to which I added some embellishments. It's meant for my client's daughter's room and I hope she'll like it.

I really like trees and woods in this gloomy weather because it feels like I'm in one of Tim Burton's movies. We found this great trail the other day where you walk in promenade-like path for a few minutes and it's really charming. I have to take photos next time we visit.

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