Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Giving needle felting a try

I wanted to try needle felting from the moment I spotted those adorable tiny bunnies and mouses and teddies and all the wonderful things that are out there (and I'm sure you've seen them too). After having the needles and some wool at home for about two weeks I finally gave it a go. And so Tomzi came to be.

tomzi seated

He is 10 cm tall and has jointed arms and legs so he can walk around. I took him out for a photo shoot today because the sun came out and it was wonderful.

tomzi standing

Originally I wanted to make him smaller but he just kept growing :)

And look what I was able to take photo of while outside:

bird house in use

I'm so happy this house is in use I can't even describe it. I'll so be hanging the other ones too!


Kitty Vane said...

Have you seen Jenn Docherty's ( little needle felted critters? They're super adorable and always make me wish I knew how to needle felt!
I think your first go at needle felting went really well!

Also, it's super that your bird feeder has gotten some action! :D It seems to attract very cute, chubby little birds. Maybe your next needle felting project should be a little birdie? ;)

nini said...

@Kitty Vane: I haven't seen Jenn's critters before and they are really cute. I saw feltedmice's creations on Flickr ( and was like... omg omg omg... :D

Chubby birds are the best :) It's funny you mentioned my next project should be a bird as yesterday evening I wanted to make a blue bird but ended up with a blue bear instead :D Looks like your Bluebeary was a huge inspiration in the back of my mind.

And thank you so much for commenting.