Friday, 26 November 2010


Needlefelting is addictive! No wonder there are so many out there doing it :)

Anyways, I made another softie late last night. I wanted to make a blue bird for a friend but my hands obviously decided to follow some other secret orders as the thing shaped itself into a bear! Seems like Bluebeary from Kitty Vane was really a huge inspiration.


He is about 8 cm tall. What do you guys think? Want me to make you something? :)


urban craft said...

I love needle felting but it is not something you can do while watching tv! I found that out the hard way. Although sometimes it's feels like you are working with a colored hairball.

nini said...

haha, it sure isn't something to do while watching tv :)

thank you for the visit.

Katrina said...

I love this little fellow. In fact I love all your needle felted creations. It's amazing how you can shape wool fibers into pretty much anything, simply by stabbing them!

nini said...

@Katrina: Yes indeed! The process of needle felting is quite amazing. Thank you for dropping in :)