Friday, 1 October 2010

To Blog More

Blog-More Challenge

On my recent trip to Helsinki I met with Aerika whom I occasionally exchanged some sentences over at Deviant Art. I was super excited to meet her in person as I don't know that many crafting people in my real life (well, let's be honest here.... I know only those with who I share my ceramics class with). And I was that more surprised to see she was kinda exactly like me. And we clicked and chatted and had some wonderful time together (and I so wish I had more time to be there). Aerika, or KittyVane as I used to know her, has her own blog called Rag Pets. She makes soft toys, sews, illustrates, photographs and is pretty great at all of these. No wonder I have had her on my inspiration list for ages ;)

Now back to my blog. The reason I started it was to have some kind of encouragement to be more creative. And at which I kinda failed. There are many reasons for not being present here or in the crafts world more, but as I'm discovering through my ceramics classes, I simply need to be creative. I need to craft. I need to make things. It gives me great pleasure to make something that brings smile to somebody's face (or just mine) and it also gives me this new type of positive energy that I obviously missed so much.

So all these reasons, plus meeting Aerika, gave me the much needed nudge to challenge myself to create more and blog more.

Our first goal is to have a post once a week. No particular day, no particular subject just crafting, creating, photographing and keeping record of it. Should you want to join us let us know. Aerika promissed to make a "Blog-More Badge" to share around. Yay!

And to not leave this post without any photos, here is what I made after supper:


I love cinnamon. And I had THE best cinnamon bun ever in Helsinki. And my cinnamon craving made me experiment with already made croissant dough. I know it's not the one I should have used but let me tell you, these tasted great. And if I ever do them like this again the only thing I'll do differently is, I'll roll them less tightly and put them in cold oven so they will be able to expand more. I guess one of my future challenges is to make the real ones :)

Happy crafting and blogging!


Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous, Nini! I like your blog-more challenge, it's definitely something I want to take up and get back in the habit of doing!

Kitty Vane said...

Hooray for first post!
And thank you for the kind words, I'm fairly blushing here. :)

Those cinnamon buns look really good! And a fun idea to make them with croissant dough instead of the yeast dough that's usually used. I like to bake too, it's like therapy in a way. Your hands are kept busy, and your mind is free to wonder and at the end of it all, you'll have something yummy to eat! :)
I'll try and remember to send you the super easy macaron recipe, so you can try making them too.

I'll see about making that badge now... I've a few ideas for it already. :)

nini said...

@twocheeseplease: why thank you dear! as far as blogging goes I see you are already in the lead ;)

@Kitty Vane: so true about baking... I'm looking forward to your macaroon recipe as I know they will be extremely yummy and fun to take photos of :D

Badge badge!!!!