Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer Vacations

I know I'm not really active up here or anywhere else for that matter but I want to be. My cunning plan for creating more because of this blog is fading away somehow. Well... maybe I need some feedback here.... maybe.... or maybe I'm just lazy.

I did however made a sort of window shade for my bathroom roof window so that the sun doesn't heat it up as much. Used my old white sheet again but I think it needs some decoration too. But there are three more things on my to-do list before that and I have only till the end of this week to finish everything. After that it's back to work again.

Wish me luck and read ya all soon!


TomatoTea said...

I wondered where you were .. although the same can be said for me, no? Thank you for the Birthday text btw! :D
Hope you are enjoying your time off work and that the weather is good for you, its been raining a fair amount in this corner of the world!
Do hope to see more piccies soon!

Take care!


nini said...

Aaaaah... it's so good to be reading you! *hug*

Yes, I am trying to get the most out of my 2 weeks, and the weather is great too!

I'm glad you got my text, I was wondering about that. I couldn't buy you any of your t-shirt wishes on dA as they are all sold out :( but *evilplotting* ;)

Be well!


Helena said...

Jp, kakšna slika bi spodbudila več komentarjev :)
lp Helena