Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday Crafting

It was a weird day today but I managed to work on my WIPs from my previous post and even begin a new one - skirt.

After making the first mistake with it I had to make it really simple. There was also a mistake No.2 where I managed to make a hole in the fabric but it's all hidden luckily but I must admit it.... one has to take TIME to make things!


The skirt is done now but I want to make it prettier with some applique or with printing on it. I've been trying to make a lino cut stamp for years now :/ Any suggestions about the motif?


TomatoTea said...

Ah so its a skirt :D

Hmm, depends what you want to print? Would like to see the finished product one day :D

nini said...

Me too :D